A visit to wonderful Mistress’ chambers.  Such an honour. Such excitement.

An opportunity to serve Her and worship Her. To receive Her effortless power, mentally and physically.

i sometimes lapse into “old” terminology and think of me giving myself to Her. But that is wrong. It is Miss Suzanna taking what is Hers. She owns me, and She uses me as She wishes. It is an honour to be used and controlled by Her.


The usual excitement is tempered by the fact that i had (not for the first time) failed Miss Suzanna. Because of previous failure, my orgasm control regime had been changed to no touching 24/7. And i had confessed to Mistress that i had touched twice. Punishment was inevitable. Miss Suzanna is kind and caring to Her slave but She expects obedience, and any disobedience or failure must be punished.


Miss Suzanna opened the door. At first i couldn’t see Her. It was dark and my glasses hadn’t adjusted to the change in light. Then i saw Her. She looked more gorgeous than ever. All in black setting off Her lovely blonde hair and bright red lipstick. A low cut diaphanous dress showing Her wondrous curves. “Good afternoon, Mistress”. She smiled. A smile of warmth. Yet also emitting power and domination. Without a further word, i followed Her. She then said “Go up to the gold room and wait for me”.

That gave me a dilemma. Or 2 actually. i got to a room which i think is called the gold room and Miss Suzanna has used previously. The wallpaper is predominantly red, but it has some gold. i go in tentatively. But what does “wait” mean. Does it mean strip completely and lay prostrate awaiting Mistress, or stand head bowed. Since i know Miss Suzanna finds my naked body repulsive, i decided to be cautious and waited standing, head bowed. Miss Suzanna enters the room. Since She made no comment or criticism, thankfully, i must have been correct.

After a brief conversation, it was down to business. i stripped. As is invariably the case, Miss Suzanna didn’t miss the opportunity to ridicule my tiny pathetic cock; pathetic and useless. She ordered me to worship Her boots. i got into my natural position. i lay prostrate on the floor, arms outstretched palms upwards and started kissing the offered boot. The front, the top, the side and the back, and then the front again. Miss Suzanna then put forward Her other foot and i paid my devotion to Her second boot. When She had had enough, She ordered me to stop and get up.

i was then ordered to the kneeling steel. Mistress started strapping me to it. She reminded me of my extra punishment. That, instead of my regular 31 blows, there would be 2 lots of 31 extra for my 2 touches. i gasped! “An extra 62!”.  “Yes”, she laughed. “Of course. you need to be taught a lesson”.

She then asked if i had been a good boy, and not touched in the last week. i hesitated. What do i say? i have to tell Mistress the truth. i confessed that i had touched once. “Then that is another 31”, she said matter-of-factly. The thought of 93 had scared me. 124 was very frightening!!

my legs, thighs and hands were tied to the kneeling stool. There was no escape. Miss Suzanna took a cane. She started. “One”, i obediently counted out aloud. Mistress did them fast. W/we got to 10. She paused. It was hurting. my counting was breathless. i do it for Miss Suzanna. It is Her right. i submit. She resumed. i counted up to 31.

Miss Suzanna stopped. She came round to my front, and looked into my eyes. She told me to breath properly. She then caressed my sore bottom. Before resuming the punishment, She ordered me to keep repeating “i must obey my Mistress” and said She would count. She resumed the caning. But She didn’t count aloud. Now i didn’t know how W/we were progressing through the 30s and 40s. i no longer was aware of how many were left. It seemed it would be endless. Miss Suzanna paused, caressed my bottom, and said it was already bruising nicely. She sounded pleased. i was whimpering.

The blows continued short and sharp. The repetition was a constant reminder of my failings. “i must obey my Mistress” “i must obey my Mistress”. i stressed the “must”. i knew and know that i must obey Miss Suzanna. The blows were endless; the pain was never-ending. There was no end in sight. Miss Suzanna paused. “How many is it”, She said. i guessed it must be 93. It was right.

The last 31 were relatively easy as i was now on the homeward leg. “i MUST obey my Mistress”. “i MUST obey my Mistress”.  Obedience is essential. Failure must never happen. Miss Suzanna stopped.

It was over. i was breathing heavily. Miss Suzanna came round in front of me, smiling, “you have done very well”. Praise indeed. But i was in no position to smile back. “It is bruising very nicely”.

Miss Suzanna untied me and told me to get dressed. “Thank You, Mistress”, i said. i have learnt a painful lesson, 124 lessons. Miss Suzanna must be obeyed.

September 13 2017