i nervously waited in my car for my Mistress to summons me to this double session with Her and Her gorgeous blonde friend Miss Marks. What was instore for me, remained a mystery

Miss Suzanna Maxwell opened the entrance door shortly after i had knocked. As i entered i could not fail to see and admire Her in Her lovely black lingerie – heels, stockings suspenders, kickers and bra – She knows lingerie is a big weakness of mine.

Miss lead the way up the stairs, giving me an enchanting view of Her perfect ass inches from my face as i followed Her in a trance up the stairs to my date with destiny.

Once in the dungeon, Miss Marks joined us, also in black lingerie – Miss Marks going for multi-strap suspenders to keep Her stockings up and a basque on top. i was in double blonde and black heaven.

After the brief formalities, Miss Suzanna told me they were leaving and i was to strip and await their return. i did this and assumed the greeting position that is required.

Not long passed before i heard the delightful sound of heels and the door opening. Miss Suzanna’s perfect feet appeared in front of me and i greeted Her with kisses to each foot, before Miss Marks presented Her beautiful feet for the same worship.

“up on your feet arms out” Miss commanded. As i presented my wrists, the two Ladies cuffed me and clipped me to the suspension unit above. i was now naked, hung and at their mercy.

Miss Suzanna left the room and swiftly returned with a glass tumbler, at the same time as She began playing with my flaccid penis, She informed me i was going to cum in the cup and then drink it.

Now i had been in chastity for 9 days, and the thought of me swallowing my own heavy, 9 day old load resonated. However, with Miss’s relentless action and the visions of blonde and black loveliness filling my eyes my thoughts drifted as my milking continued.

There was no choice for me here, i was going to be forced to cum then i was going to have to eat it. As Miss’s rhythmic handiwork brought me inevitably closer i asked for permission to cum. It was the fastest i had ever been granted, Miss was clearly keen to see my humiliation!

As i started to ejaculate, Miss cruelly stopped Her milking of me, ruining my orgasm to boot…..agony, but my pitiful thoughts on this lasted only as long as it took Miss hand returned to my cock to ensure She had fully emptied me.

She quickly presented the cum filled glass opened my mouth and poured that 9 days worth of cum into me- “swallow it” She barked. Miss Marks’s equally as skilled returned her attention to my cock and She began some sensitive post orgasm torture – for a second i thought i was to be forced to cum again, as i know that is in Miss’ arsenal. Thankfully Miss left my cock alone as both Mistress broke down into giggles and laughter at my humiliating start to the session, and clear grimace on my face.

Miss defined my harsh and ruined milking as pleasure: therefore following pleasure must come pain.

Still helplessly strung up, both Mistresses then began to flog me, taking in turns to create the sound on my back they so love. i can’t remember how many lashes i took before they switched implements to the crop, then finally to a whip. Miss pushed me yet again in Her whipping of me which i took for Her.

Following this, Miss turned Her attentions to my balls. She is a deadly accurate ball buster, and instructing me to turn round so i could not see Her coming and spread my legs. Her first kicks connected with my testicles from behind me and the pain shot into my stomach – cruelly made worst by me not being able to cradle them following the kick….!

Miss Marks was invited to kick me which She did with accuracy too then both of these stunning Women took turns to smash by poor, empty balls in a barrage of kicks. With my arms aloft i could not defend my assets from the exquisite pain even if i wanted too.

With my balls tenderised and both Mistresses happy i was let down and i was allowed to kiss the feet that had just hurt me, before i was cocooned in the inflatable slug!

This was another first for me and delivered so well by my Mistress. As the air filled the bag, i simply could not move. The rubber was all encapsulating, and with only small little holes to breath through i could not see a thing. Of course i was aware of the two blonde Mistresses that we’re circling me, but i couldn’t anticipate their next move, but simply lie there and accept my fate.

It was difficult to tell what was happening….i “think” my cock was exposed some how and that it was toyed with, i was certainly aware of my Mistress’s face sitting – Her beautiful arse on my face, restricting the small amount of air i could breath, but not see Her was amazing…..and i was aware one of my tormentors sat on my waist….im not sure which one but they were tantalisingly close to me as i was all restricted.

Upon release from my cocoon, I was strapped to the bondage wheel…what a sight to see Miss Suzanna and Miss Marks in black lingerie strapping me in – my already weakened state was now fully exposed as i tried to take in as much of this visual treat as humanly possible….man it was heaven. Both Mistresses taunted me verbally, in sexy low tones before my Mistress exited the room leaving Miss Marks to continue my torment.

After a short time, my Mistress returned with a naked male slave collared, on a leash and on hes knees…i was resigned to my fate.

As Miss Marks provided some seductive words of encouragement, i could hear Miss Maxwell giving Her instructions and expectations to the slave – one of which was to swallow my load.

After giving Her final words, Miss lead the slave to my cock, and instructed him not to disappoint, whilst both Mistresses stepped back a little and watched as i endured this most humiliating act, solely in order to please Miss Suzanna.

Despite he’s best efforts the slave failed to get me hard…probable due to having the milking i received earlier coupled with the humiliation. Miss Suzanna, not renown for Her patience, released my right hand and instructed me to wank into the slaves open mouth. i commenced, at first choosing to continue to admire the view of these two Mistresses in front of me. As i became aroused i closed my eyes to focus my deviant thoughts and too deliver for my Mistress. Sinking into an immersive world i was soon releasing my second load of the afternoon into the mouth of the willing slave infront of me.

With the slave out of the way, the Mistresses released me for the final act of kissing Their shoes to end the session. This was my first forced bi experience, i did it only for my Mistress and in Her expert hands, maybe i will do it again in future. Maybe i was a little broken after it, but as all the best people do, my Mistress has fixed me and I cannot wait to serve Her again in person soon.