I arrived for my session with Miss Suzanna, knowing I had picked up penalties during the week for failures and misdemeanours. I wouldn’t just get 31 blows from my Mistress’s canes and whips but it would be 71. 4 penalties of 10 blows each.

I followed Miss Suzanna up to her chambers. She sat in her chair. I took my accustomed place on the very low stool. After a while, I was ordered to undress for my beatings. I put my clothes in the usual place on the floor and knelt on the spanking bench.

Miss Suzanna ordered me up on the bench so my arms were outstretched and she could tie my wrists. My thighs and legs were fastened.

She selected a couple of canes, and commenced.

The first blows are always a shock. I always know that I must count each blow. After the first 10, I couldn’t bear to think there would be another 61. After each 10 there is a pause, and possibly a change of implement. Sometimes the blows came fast so my counting could hardly keep up. After 30, Miss Suzanna paused, and admired her handiwork. My body is just the canvass of her patterns. After 50, Miss Suzanna picked up her bullwhip. As I count 66, 67, I know I am nearly there. 71, and she, perhaps reluctantly, puts down her bullwhip.

Miss Suzanna turns on the light and examines her completed work, caressing my wounds, admiring a particular cut or a special bruise. I love this part, The caresses, being the centre of my Mistress’s attention. And then, as she stands close to me, and takes photographs posing in front of her beaten slave.

I was then kept in position whilst Miss Suzanna started using her new electrics toy. I was told this was a new game for us. She would count to 10 at each setting. For each 10 seconds I lasted I would get 15 seconds when I was permitted to masturbate.

She started at the first setting. I felt a tingling. She counted to 10.

She moved up to the next setting. The tingling was a little more. She counted to 10.

As she moved up the settings, the tingling got greater.

After the 10th setting, Miss Suzanna moved the electrode closer to the tip of my cock. That was awful!!! Miss Suzanna laughed, and stopped the game.

Miss Suzanna congratulated me. I’d earnt 10 times 15 seconds. A total of 150 seconds.

I was told to go on the bed. I had 2 ½ minutes to masturbate with permission to come.

I was of course grateful to my Mistress, but I was unable to come with my own hand.

Time was up!

I was ordered off the bed and told to dress.

slave mushroom

August 18 2016