On arrival at Her dungeon, Miss greeted me dressing in a wickedly tight and short black leather dress, accentuating Her glorious body. Her black lacy top stockings just peeping out below the hem of Her dress, I knew that delightful torment in store for today. She left me with instructions to assume the greeting position at left me to strip.

Upon Her return I was in the greeting position and delighted in kissing Her feet as they appeared infront of me.

“Right….we are going to start with some pain first……hop on…”

Over the bench I got and was strapped down…I knew what was coming next….”Four impliments this time, starting with the paddle….”

Whack, 1 whack, 2 whack, 3….Miss wasted no time in beginning Her favourite activity of beating me…it was normal 3 x 31 this time there was a 4thmentioned..!!

31 hits from the paddle reigned down on me, then 31 blows from the whip then 31 from a stronger whip….i really struggle with the whip and She knows this, but it pleases Miss and drives Her on and although I struggle I am determined to take it for Her.

Next I found out what the 4th implement was…the cane! Miss had never caned me before, could I take 31 of these…..who knows, but after the first 3 or 4 hits from it, it was clear this would be a test.

Miss is an expert with a cane and that showed in Her wielding of it…thankfully She stopped my pain at 13 strikes….but they are 13 strikes I am very proud of. Ironically, as much as I fear Her impact play and the pain it brings i did like the cane…even if I struggled to cope with it….such a strange feeling. Mistress’ marks from the cane were also very visible a week later…something else I was proud to wear for Her.

“Get up, follow Me” Miss instructed as She slowly walked out of the dungeon, and into the medical room. “Get on here…” as She tapped the medical chair with authority.

Up I jumped and sat as conformable as I could. The chair is set up specifically to give access to the intimate areas, and Miss secured my limbs my cock, balls and hole were presented and all easy targets for my Mistress.

Miss then took away my sight with a thick blindfold, which increased my other senses and indeed my submission as I could hear Miss circling Her secured prey. I hear the sound of Miss putting latex gloves on and a then my a grip of my cock as Miss gave me a little attention, before easily slipping a finger inside my arse. “Anal training for you today..” as She fingered me and encouraged my cock to stand to attention. I think She entered another finger or maybe two as She continued to open me up. Miss then removed Her fingers from me – I could hear movement as Miss Suzanna readied Her next implement. I soon found out that it was a dildo as it was inserted into my ass. Miss ensured it was fully in to me before returning Her hand and attention back to my cock.

“I think this needs some lube flash..” Miss informed me as i felt Her rub some lube into me. As She rub it into my cock, She didn’t miss the balls either “How does that fell flash?” She questioned “It feels fine at the moment Miss, but I can smell that it is Deep Heat” Miss had only covered my whole cock an balls with Deep Heat and it wasn’t long before I could feel it beginning to get hot as She played with my cock. It was like someone switched on the heat, as all of a sudden my poor genitalia were on fire, Miss showed no mercy as She kept wanking me ensuring the burning was the length of my shaft. As my cock burned Miss began to pump up the inflatable plug that was still in my arse…”Whats the matter flash, top hot for you..” “it is hot Miss” is stuttered, I then heard and felt an aerosol spray and another sensation on the cock – this hit the head to and seamed to chill me down….it was clearly Deep Freeze and gave me a realy strange burning cold sensation…..my hardon had well and truly been subdued!

“Now I am going to drug you” Miss informed me as I felt cotton wool around my nose and the smell of poppers……it had been a while since She last forced me to take these and it is a wonderful feeling. As Miss ensured I took the poppers deep, She continued to pump up the cock in my ass.

For the next I don’t know how long Miss Suzanna had me in a place I had never been before…I was totally gone, deep, deep in sub space heaven as Miss continued to drug me and expand my hole. I could feel my whole body shaking, shaking with ecstasy as I was totally under Her magic. I sensed Miss close to me, Her wonderous body, Her sensational touch. I could hear Her sexy voice whispering something to me, i knew not of what She said……in fact during the course of this treatment, Miss Suzanna could have got me to think, say and do anything She wanted me to, I was simply in such a state of submission and heaven I would have done anything for Her.

Sadly, like all good things this out of mind and out of this world experience had to come to an end as Miss removed the inflatable cock from me and allowed me to get down, head still spinning I followed like a little puppy, my Mistress back into the dungeon.

As Miss readied Herself for Her next actions, I was so overcome with thankfulness I dropped to my knees and kissed Her beautiful feet once more thanking Her for that amazing experience.

“you are welcome…..thats just the start of your anal training..”…..and wow what a start

“OK up…you have been sitting to long now. Hands on head…more training for you…..can you guess what it is…?” Miss asked as She removed Her dress to reveal Her amazing body, draped in lingerie…..my all of my weaknesses exposed……

Miss circled me and positioned Her self behind me…

“Ball busting Miss? “Ball busting indeed flash….i want to train you to take a good kicking…”

Now being kicking in the balls by Miss Suzanna is a thing of a rare delight and beauty. My main focus was not to flinch and take as hard a kick as I could before inevitably being put on the floor.

W/we had not done too much kicks previously so I was unsure of the format….i should have know though that I would receive 13 of Her kicks to my nute. Miss chose the behind method, this ensured I could not see Her coming and that my cock was not in the way of Her foot and my balls….they had to connect. And connect they did, Miss like everything She does getting the power and precision spot on.

As the first 3 kicks landed on their target, it was clear Miss wasn’t messing around, the pain was real, but I proudly remained standing. The 5th kick was the first to send me to the floor clutching my balls as the pain shot into my stomach……I heard Miss laughing as I climbed back to my feet. I spread my legs again for Her to strike me. More kicks landed before I was again sent crashing to the floor in front of Her at kick 8…..wanting to recover quickly to allow Her to continue but was forced to kiss the very feet that was inflicting pain. I stood again….more kicks…more shoots of pain inside me, my left testicle was really crying now as my Mistress continued kicking my ‘most valuable’ parts.

Kick 12 was hard and both balls were killing me now as I crashed to the floor again….Miss this time sitting on my body….”one more…”

kick 13 landing on my left ball again….the final kick, the hardest yet and unbearable pain I was sent to the floor yet again as Miss stepped over my crumpled body beneath Her, proud of destroying me in 13.

Me and my poor aching scrotum were next positioned on a chair, hands cuffed behind my back and Miss returned the blind fold to me and gagged me with a ball gag. This was question time. Miss explained that She would be asking the questions, if I didn’t get it right, or I was in audible She would beat my cock with Her crop…..a game I surely could not succeed at…!

I did surprisingly well at the questions, my sore cock only receiving 4 or 5 strikes to add to it’s torment of the day. I was able to move the ball gag out slight to make talking easier, but Miss sussed that and hit me for it as well as pushing the gag back into me. Miss finally lost patience with my dribble caused by the nice little gag and removed it…..She left the blindfold in place and my hands bound as She decried the Q&A over and wanted a little pleasure Herself.

The next activity left me abound and clearly it was a special treat, as She took a little time out to enjoy some pleasure Herself while I remained bound and sightless. Miss then left the room, returning shortly and sat on my lap….

I sensed and felt a cup being offered to me…”Drink…” I did without question….”what is it flash..?” “it is Your champagne Miss..” “Well done….drink..”…now this has been a long time aspiration of mine and I was so honoured to finally be allowed to drink Mistress’s golden nectar….such a degrading and humiliating act, I yearned to drink all on offer warm or cold of this precious commodity. I have so many fantasies regarding champagne its ridiculous, and Miss just made one come true in Her superior style.

With the sweet taste resonating my taste bud Miss released me and instructed me to lie on the large wooden bench, as soon I was in position, She athletically jumped up and sat on my chest, giving me a wonderful view of Her bum as She grabbed my poor abused cock. She wanted it to wake up, probably to take more abuse!

It doesn’t take long for flash junior to come alive in Miss’s presence….just a few touches later and the thing is rock hard and thinking for me…..Miss uses this and ensures it aches for Her whilst keeping me servant. As it rose, Miss sat on my face, cutting off my air….it amazes me how She does this so efficiently…returning me to a heavenly place air supply running out beneath my Mistresses’ amazing bottom…..i wonder how long I could last……but each time Miss sat up, I took advantage with a big gulp of air, before being returned to a smothered state. Miss clearly tired of this and repositioned Her self down near my cock and balls….infact, sitting extremely close to my balls.

The image of this vision of beauty, assets barely contained in Her lingerie sat so close to me ensured my erection and will remain part of me for a very long time, especially as Miss pulled out Her vibrating wand and placed it close to Her sacredness and on my balls…..i cannot resist these wands and when used on me I relinquish any control very, very quickly….Miss exploited this and had me pleading to cum in seconds….She was not even touching me!!

Clearly this spurned Her on the vibration on my balls, the untouched cock my ever growing contorted face as I began to orgasm uncontrollably. Miss continued with the wand as I came without touch, a very ruined orgasm for me as my balls released there filthy contents without pleasure and at Miss’s sheer delight. A first for both of us, a forced, ruined and frustrating orgasm without any contact at all……what a session!