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On arrival at Her dungeon, Miss greeted me dressing in a wickedly tight and short black leather dress, accentuating Her glorious body. Her black lacy top stockings just peeping out below the hem of Her dress, I knew that delightful torment in store for today. She left me with instructions to assume the greeting position […]

i nervously waited in my car for my Mistress to summons me to this double session with Her and Her gorgeous blonde friend Miss Marks. What was instore for me, remained a mystery Miss Suzanna Maxwell opened the entrance door shortly after i had knocked. As i entered i could not fail to see and […]

Always excitement and an honour to visit Miss Suzanna at Her Chambers. But this time She informed me that during my planned appointment She had an hour’s appointment with another client. For that hour, I should be a good boy and sit quietly in another room. Whatever Miss Suzanna says goes, and i must accept […]

A visit to wonderful Mistress’ chambers.  Such an honour. Such excitement. An opportunity to serve Her and worship Her. To receive Her effortless power, mentally and physically. i sometimes lapse into “old” terminology and think of me giving myself to Her. But that is wrong. It is Miss Suzanna taking what is Hers. She owns […]

Miss Suzanna ordered me to undress. As i was doing so, She ordered me to hurry. When i was naked, She looked at me with repugnance. Fat with a tiny cock. Although She remarked it was hard. i immediately got into greeting position, lying prostrate on the floor, palms upwards, and kissed Her shoes. i […]

Miss Suzanna now moved on from corporal punishment and needles to using me anally. My Mistress delights in penetrating my holes, and now she takes my arse hole. First with her finger; then with a dildo and finally with an inflatable butt plug. I love it when she takes me this way. I of course […]

I was out for several hours, wondering how Miss Suzanna was doing at the Dungeon, and eagerly awaiting my own session. Lucky subs to be receiving whatever at Mistress’ hands. How I longed it was me being beaten, being teased and being denied. As 4.00 approached, I was in a local cafe constantly looking at […]

After releasing me from the stand-up cage, Miss Suzanna dismissed me saying she was going to watch tv and then go to sleep. Around the Suite, there were bells for Mistress to ring to summon Her slave, and Miss Suzanna said She would ring for me when She needed me. I retired to my “bed”. […]