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Prior to coming to London, knowing her likes and dislikes I had chosen a restaurant for Miss Suzanna in the Hoxton area. I ordered a taxi for her. On her return, Miss Suzanna said she had something special for me. She had in her hands a latex hood and magic wand. She had spoken of […]

Mistress was going to Hoxton Dungeon. It was my job to make the arrangements, book the train and arrange restaurants for her stay. We met at Manchester Piccadilly. I took Mistress’ bags and saw that she was comfortably seated in first class. Then I retired to my seat in standard class. Standard class was pretty […]

Diary: Filming with Miss Suzanna Maxwell by eyemblacksheep February 10 2017 One thing I enjoy about a lot of the things I get involved in is that absolutely anything can come from anywhere There’s stories I haven’t told – maybe one day I will, in the wrong order. But, the idea of some of these […]

Thank You for yesterday’s session. Thank You for the pain and marks You gave me and granting me the privilege of receiving them so as to give You pleasure. And thank You for allowing me some pleasure. You are a wonderful and kind Mistress. i am very fortunate. i kiss Your feet xxx. Your humble […]

I have been sessioning with and owned by Miss Suzanna for some time and she knows my limits. She takes charge of the sessions and I trust her implicitely. I arrived for my first session of the year with Miss Suzanna and my first for a while. Even in the darkness of the doorway, Miss […]

Miss Suzanna is the first Mistress that I have served that actually looks better than the photos on her website.The photos do not do her justice to her appearance or her majesty. Miss Suzanna does not need to wear PVC to exert her control. Her supremacy is natural and comes through her beauty and elegance. […]

I arrived with expectation to see Miss Suzanna. She had told me to take viagra before I left home. After the usual formalities, I was ordered to strip and kneel on the kneeling stall I always receive a minimum of 31 blows with a variety of implements. Always the cane, and frequently with Miss Suzanna’s […]

My Mistress lets me in. She looks radiant. Her hair has been beautifully curled. She is very happy because she is going on holiday the next day. She is also smiling because she has a surprise for me. She asks me to guess. I guess that it is a second Mistress. But no, it is […]

I want to share my wonderful experience of a recent visit to see the incomparable Miss Suzanna I had the pleasure of meeting her at her new dungeon premises which has every possible piece of BDSM equipment going, some of them make me shiver just looking at them. I was greeted by Miss Suzanna’s maid […]