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I arrived for my session with Miss Suzanna, knowing I had picked up penalties during the week for failures and misdemeanours. I wouldn’t just get 31 blows from my Mistress’s canes and whips but it would be 71. 4 penalties of 10 blows each. I followed Miss Suzanna up to her chambers. She sat in […]

I returned to Miss Suzanna’s a week after my failure to orgasm the previous week. Mistress greeted me with warmth. She asked me if I was going to manage to cum today. Since last week, I had gone another 7 days without release, making it now 15 days since I had been last permitted to […]

After a brief conversation (no tea this time) Mistress ordered me onto the spanking bench. She expertly tied my thighs, legs and wrists though only after ordering me to move forward so my arms will fully stretched. i knew i was going to get more than my usual 31 blows. i had suffered penalties during […]

My Mistress’s latest form of orgasm control for me is to allow me to touch myself for 10 minutes twice a day. I can edge myself but not cum. I always do preparations for playing with myself. I draw the curtains of my bedroom and put on the bedside lamp. I rapidly undress and then […]

i arrived at Miss Suzanna’s new premises with some trepidation. She let me in discretely. We were in a small darkly-lit reception area but i could see that Miss Suzanna looked stunning.. After a brief greeting and chat, W/we got some tea some tea, and She led me upstairs to Her well-fitted dungeon. She sat […]

i told Mistress that i was in a state of body and mind that i could be teased. Mistress was not pleased. She said it was not for me to whine and whinge. She would determine what should or should not happen. A while later She said we would play a game. i had 15 […]

For 17 days i have been tormented. i have not been allowed to touch my cock and not allowed to orgasm, but have been encouraged to edge myself as frequently as possible without touching and without release. Miss Suzanna said i could rub my cock on the bedding. i chose to lie on my back […]

i give myself to You. Or i say “Use me, beat me”. How dare i presume to tell You what to do. You have told me enough times that i am merely Your worthless slave. You own me. i am Your property. You have the right to do anything You choose to me. You use […]

i am owned and controlled by Miss Suzanna. She uses me as She wishes. Between the pain and humiliation, Miss Suzanna grants me moments of pleasure as and when She sees fit. Orgasms for me are entirely at my Mistress’s discretion. She may message me between appointments to allow me to play with myself for […]