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For 17 days i have been tormented. i have not been allowed to touch my cock and not allowed to orgasm, but have been encouraged to edge myself as frequently as possible without touching and without release. Miss Suzanna said i could rub my cock on the bedding. i chose to lie on my back […]

i give myself to You. Or i say “Use me, beat me”. How dare i presume to tell You what to do. You have told me enough times that i am merely Your worthless slave. You own me. i am Your property. You have the right to do anything You choose to me. You use […]

i am owned and controlled by Miss Suzanna. She uses me as She wishes. Between the pain and humiliation, Miss Suzanna grants me moments of pleasure as and when She sees fit. Orgasms for me are entirely at my Mistress’s discretion. She may message me between appointments to allow me to play with myself for […]

i am Miss Suzanna’s slave. i am owned and controlled by Miss Suzanna. She uses me as she wishes. i am so grateful that She beats me. i don’t enjoy the pain, but i enjoy submitting to my Mistress, and knowing that She owns me and makes me do anything She wants. i am happy […]

i am a slave owned by Miss Suzanna. She owns and controls my body, my mind and my soul. She owns all my possessions. She uses me. i have no rights. i exist solely for Her pleasure. Miss Suzanna beats me and fucks my arse. Miss Suzanna controls my orgasms. My pathetic tiny cock is […]

How did it start? W/we met, and i just knew She was the One. i didn’t consciously know i was submissive, but Miss Suzanna was perceptive and She could tell. She was so beautful and intelligent; a young petite lady with long blonde hair and a perfect figure. It would be fun to “let” her […]

I believe some people are born to lead and some to follow – I was most definitely created to rule. BDSM for me is not about heartlessness. It’s about adrenaline, passion, excitement and creativity. Once you’ve had a taste there is no going back………. I have an intuitive ability to understand the male psyche, and  […]