04Sep 2016

I returned to Miss Suzanna’s a week after my failure to orgasm the previous week.

Mistress greeted me with warmth.

She asked me if I was going to manage to cum today. Since last week, I had gone another 7 days without release, making it now 15 days since I had been last permitted to orgasm.

I replied I was confident I would not let my Mistress down again.

Miss Suzanna reminded me that as part of my essential training to be worthy of being collared, she would be kicking my balls today.

She graciously gave me the choice of whether I wanted to receive the kicks before or after my orgasm.

What a dilemma! Spoil the afterglow of an orgasm by having my balls kicked? Or not to be able to orgasm because I was in agony from the pain in my balls? Helpfully, Miss Suzanna said if I received the kicking before the orgasm, my balls would be full, which would help to cushion me.

Notwithstanding that helpful advice from my Mistress, I opted to have the attempted orgasm first.

But firstly, I had to be caned and whipped.

I was ordered onto to spanking bench. Today, Miss Suzanna was not going to tie me down. It would be a test for me to remain in position whilst I received the 31 blows.

Miss Suzanna hit; I counted aloud. 31 times. With some pauses whilst I struggled with the pain.

After she had finished, Miss Suzanna admired her work. She loves to see the bruises and marks, and caresses them on my bottom. I revel in her touch and the fact that I have submitted to her. She shows me the marks, and I am delighted. It is a privilege to be marked by my Mistress and for those marks to last for several days. Miss Suzanna took photographs.

I knew that another element of essential training to the collaring which I sought is forced bi, and that I would need to practice sucking a dildo. I didn’t know that this was my next task. But it was not any dildo. It was Miss Suzanna’s strapon. That was an honour! She put on her strapon, and sat on her throne. She ordered me to my knees and told me to start sucking. I tenderly licked my Mistress’s strapon. Miss Suzanna warned me a few times if my teeth were too evident, but said I had done a surprisingly good job. She then told me to wank her strapon. Maybe next time it will be a real cock?

I was then told to lie on the bed. I was ordered to wank myself, but forbidden to come. How can I stop myself when my Mistress is standing there, looking divine. After 1 minute I was told to stop. After a pause, I was told to start again, but forbidden to come. 3 times that happened

Then Miss Suzanna said she would take over. I had 30 seconds to come. With one hand she wanked my cock, and the other hand caressed me. It was wonderful. I was so grateful to my Mistress. I came in 11 seconds!!

I was then ordered off the bed and told to kneel on the spanking bench. I thought Miss Suzanna was going to remove her boots, but she kept them on. I waited, knowing I could trust my Mistress. She counted 3,2,1 and then kicked me in the balls. It wasn’t too bad. 3,2,1 and she kicked again. The pain!! I collapsed to the floor. Miss Suzanna laughed. After allowing me a brief pause, she ordered me back in position. 3,2,1 and kick. 3,2,1 and kick, And again I collapsed and she laughed.

Miss Suzanna briefly hugged me and congratulated me. I got dressed and left after a wonderful time.

slave mushroom

August 11 2016

04Sep 2016

I arrived for my session with Miss Suzanna, knowing I had picked up penalties during the week for failures and misdemeanours. I wouldn’t just get 31 blows from my Mistress’s canes and whips but it would be 71. 4 penalties of 10 blows each.

I followed Miss Suzanna up to her chambers. She sat in her chair. I took my accustomed place on the very low stool. After a while, I was ordered to undress for my beatings. I put my clothes in the usual place on the floor and knelt on the spanking bench.

Miss Suzanna ordered me up on the bench so my arms were outstretched and she could tie my wrists. My thighs and legs were fastened.

She selected a couple of canes, and commenced.

The first blows are always a shock. I always know that I must count each blow. After the first 10, I couldn’t bear to think there would be another 61. After each 10 there is a pause, and possibly a change of implement. Sometimes the blows came fast so my counting could hardly keep up. After 30, Miss Suzanna paused, and admired her handiwork. My body is just the canvass of her patterns. After 50, Miss Suzanna picked up her bullwhip. As I count 66, 67, I know I am nearly there. 71, and she, perhaps reluctantly, puts down her bullwhip.

Miss Suzanna turns on the light and examines her completed work, caressing my wounds, admiring a particular cut or a special bruise. I love this part, The caresses, being the centre of my Mistress’s attention. And then, as she stands close to me, and takes photographs posing in front of her beaten slave.

I was then kept in position whilst Miss Suzanna started using her new electrics toy. I was told this was a new game for us. She would count to 10 at each setting. For each 10 seconds I lasted I would get 15 seconds when I was permitted to masturbate.

She started at the first setting. I felt a tingling. She counted to 10.

She moved up to the next setting. The tingling was a little more. She counted to 10.

As she moved up the settings, the tingling got greater.

After the 10th setting, Miss Suzanna moved the electrode closer to the tip of my cock. That was awful!!! Miss Suzanna laughed, and stopped the game.

Miss Suzanna congratulated me. I’d earnt 10 times 15 seconds. A total of 150 seconds.

I was told to go on the bed. I had 2 ½ minutes to masturbate with permission to come.

I was of course grateful to my Mistress, but I was unable to come with my own hand.

Time was up!

I was ordered off the bed and told to dress.

slave mushroom

August 18 2016

20Sep 2016

I want to share my wonderful experience of a recent visit to see the incomparable Miss Suzanna
I had the pleasure of meeting her at her new dungeon premises which has every possible piece of BDSM equipment going, some of them make me shiver just looking at them.

I was greeted by Miss Suzanna’s maid who showed me through to the delightful changing room where MS was sat in an imposing armchair in thigh high boots and a pvc catsuit. Before I even took my coat off I was ordered to kneel at her feet and lick her boots which I did with great energy. As I tried to look up at her I was told in no uncertain terms what would happen to me if I looked at her without her permission. I licked her boots until I was ordered to stop.

I was then ordered to get undressed and into an outfit that MS has prepared for me that consisted of black patent high heels, fishnet tights, a g-string, tight skirt and a low cut blouse- a real slutty look which she seemed to really like. The look was completed by a blonde wig and some bright red lipstick. I felt so hopeless and helpless in this outfit but also massively turned on as I could just not say no to her wishes. She then took me by the hand and led me through the dungeons making me stop so the other mistresses could laugh and humiliate me. She made me introduce myself to each mistress we met as Miss Suzanna’s cum bucket
She made me climb up the stairs walking behind me to look up my skirt and laugh at me as I struggled to climb the stairs in the 4″ heels.

We entered one of the rooms and my heart skipped a beat as MS told me what each piece of equipment was for and what she was going to do to me.
She again made me kneel and made me read out an oath to obey her demands and her every wish which I did with great pleasure and enthusiasm as I felt myself meaning every single word and wanting to give myself to my mistress 100%.

She then made me lie flat on my back as she strapped me to the bench and told me exactly how she was going to fuck me with her strap on . My whole body shook as I saw the reflection of her putting the strap- on on and her telling me what a worthless human being I was and how I was only on the earth to be her play thing and follow her every order. She then forced her cock into my mouth and made me lick her shaft and shoved it to the back of my mouth until I gagged
She lifted my skirt and ripped my tights so she could access my nickers which she pulled aside and expertly slipped her big black cock into me whilst also put a gag into my mouth to stop me squealing like the bitch that I felt.
I felt so incredibly turned on and then when she fed me some poppers I totally lost my mind and was screaming for her to fuck me harder and harder , but of course as I was enjoying it so much to prove she is the regal queen with all the power she stopped and made me beg and whimper like a bitch to start again .
I climaxed with such ferocity that my whole body shook and it took me a good 10 minutes to calm down

I have never had that feeling of utter submission before and was totally under her spell for the duration of the session – I will be back very soon to carry on my training

Miss Suzanna’s cum bucket

September 1st 2016


20Sep 2016

My Mistress lets me in. She looks radiant. Her hair has been beautifully curled.

She is very happy because she is going on holiday the next day. She is also smiling because she has a surprise for me. She asks me to guess. I guess that it is a second Mistress. But no, it is the house bitch!

I can’t say I am thrilled. I am nervous. Mistress had said for some time that she expects me to submit to a forced bi session as an essential step towards earning to be collared.

Mistress asks if I had taken my viagra. But I had misunderstood her earlier instructions and not taken a tablet. We both know that my cock will therefore be its usual pathetically small.

I follow her into her chambers, my heart beating.

We go into the room. The house bitch is already there. Bearded, wearing a maid’s short dress and sporting a huge erection.

Mistress orders me to remove my clothes and kneel on the kneeling stool. She ties my legs and arms.

I know that I am going to suffer more than my normal 31 blows because I had failed my Mistress during the previous week. I am ordered to edge 3 times a day, 10 minutes each time. But I had failed a few days earlier. There had been a seepage of cum. I hadn’t enjoyed a proper orgasm. That would have been a much more severe punishment. The orgasm was ruined. So I only have a £50 fine plus extra whipping and caning.

Mistress shocks me by first whipping my balls 3 times. I am so shocked I don’t count. She switches to the cane and starts caning my bottom. She soon gets into her stride and I am feeling the pain. Bearly aware of the house bitch, I am whimpering.

Mistress has no intention of stopping. She encourages me by telling me to say after each blow lands “I must not fail”. And she counts.

After 20, she exchanges the cane for the 2 delightful whips I bought for her at Sexhibition. I continue saying “I must not fail” through gritted teeth and Mistress counts. Saying the words helped me get through it.

We pass 31, and move onwards

She now uses her bullwhip on me. I don’t know when it is going to stop. Will it be 50. No. 51 is reached.

We reach 62 and she stops.

But then she starts scratching my back really hard, marking it with an “S”. it is very painful, but it is for me to submit to my Mistress and accept what she does to me. She pauses. I think that is the end. But no. Mistress is admiring her marks. She asks me what she is marking on my back, and I guessed correctly that it is an “S”. She resumes. More pain.

But now it is time for me to perform in front of my Mistress with the house bitch. She orders him forward from the corner of the room. She orders me to kneel in front of him.

I am expected to begin. She had given me a lesson a few weeks earlier with her Strapon, but this is a real live and very erect cock. I take it in my mouth. Initially there is a salty taste. Then I start sucking. Mistress tells me to wank it while I’m sucking it. It is so big!! I can’t imagine how girls can handle large cocks. I don’t get all of it in my mouth. Mistress asks the house bitch if I am the worst cock sucker he has ever had, and he politely says no.

I hope that he doesn’t get to come because I’m not sure I could handle that.

After a while, Mistress orders us to change position. He goes on his knees. My cock is very very small. The house bitch gets to work on it. And it feels nice. Mistress is standing in front of me, looking me in the eye. And down below I have this lovely sensation. It was fabulous! I look at my adorable Mistress.

After a while Mistress orders the house bitch to stop, thanks him and tells him to leave.

Mistress was delighted!

She orders me back on the kneeling stool and happily gives me another 31 blows, ending with 6 blows of the cane.

We parted both in good spirits.

Thank you, Mistress

slave mushroom

September 8 2016

27Nov 2016

I arrived with expectation to see Miss Suzanna. She had told me to take viagra before I left home.

After the usual formalities, I was ordered to strip and kneel on the kneeling stall

I always receive a minimum of 31 blows with a variety of implements. Always the cane, and frequently with Miss Suzanna’s favourite bullwhip.

She ties my legs. My hands are free. She starts with the cane. I obediently count after each blow. After the 5th one, I raise the upper half of my body in anguish at the pain. Miss Suzanna knows I am pathetic and weak. I turn to her pleading. She has a glint in her eye, and she laughs. She orders me back down.

The blows and the counting continue.

Again with anguish and pleading from me, and a firm command from Miss Suzanna to resume my position.

As it gets in the mid twenties, I know (or hope) it is only a few more.

Miss Suzanna pauses and moves away. She is changing implements. She now has her beloved bullwhip in her hand. My head bows. It is not the blow itself with the bullwhip. The sting is in the tail as it catches you on your side and cuts into your flesh.

I count “31”, and mercifully Miss Suzanna stops at that point. There had been no infringements by me that required further blows and Miss Suzanna didn’t purely for her own pleasure determine that I should receive extra blows today.

Miss Suzanna unstraps me from the kneeling stool and orders me to lie on my back on the “bed”.

She puts on her black latex gloves. I know that that means she is going to do something she rarely deigns to do. To touch my cock.

But she orders me to wank to get myself hard.

She then goes to the table and brings her sounding equipment. Now I realise why she had told me to take a viagra. It was to get and stay hard for urethral sounding. Something I’d read about but never had done to me before. I’m worried, but I know that I am safe in Miss Suzanna’s hands. If she wanted to do it to me, I would do it for her. I happily submit to my Mistress. Of course, I have no choice. When Miss Suzanna orders, I obey without complaint.

She blindfolds me, saying it would be better for me if I didn’t watch my cock being penetrated. I feel the cold metal enter me. And it goes down further. It does not hurt. Miss Suzanna says “well done”. She moves the sound up and down. I give to my Mistress. She penetrates me. As is her right.

Miss Suzanna takes off the blindfold and I watch with fascination. She takes out the sound. It had been the smallest one. She puts in the next size. And again penetrates me. Up and down. I give to my Mistress. She puts the next 2 sizes in too.

Miss Suzanna says I was “a very good boy”, and was “quite impressed” with me.

As a reward she masturbates my cock for a few moments. Not to release of course because I am as ever under orgasm denial, but enough edging to be a very lovely reward from my kind Mistress.

She stops and orders me to get up and get dressed.

She again says I’ve been “a very good boy”. I leave feeling 10 feet tall!!

Thank you, Miss Suzanna for my first urethral sounding and my next step in proving myself your devoted slave.


October 27 2016

30Nov 2016

Miss Suzanna is the first Mistress that I have served that actually looks better than the photos on her website.The photos do not do her justice to her appearance or her majesty. Miss Suzanna does not need to wear PVC to exert her control.

Her supremacy is natural and comes through her beauty and elegance. Not only is she dominant but she is also regal. When I first saw her it was just natural to drop to my knees and serve her.

Miss Suzanna had taken the courtesy to read what I had requested from the session. She fully respected my limits, and has delivered sessions that have gone way beyond what I had ever expected. The way that she dresses just enhances her supremacy and her voice would bring any man to his knees.

To disobey Miss Suzanna does have its consequences of course, but, when the punishment is delivered, it is so erotic that it leaves you begging to serve her more.

She is quite simply a Divine Goddess.


18 Nov 2016