28Jan 2017

I have been sessioning with and owned by Miss Suzanna for some time and she knows my limits. She takes charge of the sessions and I trust her implicitely.

I arrived for my first session of the year with Miss Suzanna and my first for a while.

Even in the darkness of the doorway, Miss Suzanna looked stunning. She first ordered me to wait whilst she picked something up from the dressing room and then I obediently followed her to her well equipped dungeon.

I knew that this 2 hour session would be a trial for me. Miss Suzanna had promised (threatened) that she was looking forward to beating and marking me. She had also said that she had new equipment that she was going to try out on me.

But first I had to present myself and pay homage to my Mistress. On my knees and on my haunches, arms outstretched with palms of hands upwards, I first kissed one of her leather boots. She pressed the pointed 6 inch heel of the other boot into my back. After I had passionately kissed her right boot for some time, she lowered her left boot for me similarly to kiss that. She then pressed the heel of her right boot into my bent back.

After these regular preliminaries, I was ordered to the spanking stool. Miss Suzanna eagerly tied me. My legs, thighs and wrists were tied. I was in position. There was a mirror to which I could turn my head to watch the beautiful image of my Mistress. She had a cane in her hand. I straightened my head and closed my eyes. The first blows hit my feet. She said they didn’t count!! The first blow landed on my bottom. I obediently counted “one”.

And so the beating progressed. After the first 10, Miss Suzanna paused. I opened my eyes. I could feel and see that she lovingly caressed the marks. She loves to admire the marks she inflicts on male flesh.

She resumed and again I shut my eyes and received the blows. Tied in position, I could not move. I could just receive. Again, after 20, my Mistress paused to admire her handiwork.

31 is her magic number. I hoped as it came to 28, 29, 30 that she would halt at 31. But I wasn’t surprised when 31 was followed by 32.

And so it went on. First cane then riding crop and then Miss Suzanna’s favourite, her bullwhip. As well as striking my bottom and my thighs, it also whips round my side.

At 62 Miss Suzanna stopped. She said “good boy” and tenderly caressed me. I wasn’t sure whether that was a thank you to me for giving her such pleasure in being a piece of flesh for her to beat and mark and bruise, or just so she could caress her handiwork.

She put the lights up so she could photograph her work. I was in pain, but happy that I could give my Mistress pleasure.

Miss Suzanna untied me. She lifted the base of the bed and ordered me to lie on my back on the floor of the cage. She put the bed down trapping me in. She said ‘after the pain comes the pleasure”. She told me to look in the mirror. I could see my beautiful Mistress climbing on top of the bed. Miss Suzanna said it was appropriate that she was on top of me.

I was ordered to touch myself and forbidden to come. I could not see properly, but Miss Suzanna seemed to be equally enjoying herself. I continued to edge myself.

I was ordered to stop. I was ordered out of the cage and to lie on the bed.

Miss Suzanna then said that now it must be pain and pleasure. I was ordered to touch myself but not come. She twisted my right nipple and then my left nipple. My nipples are always very sensitive. I yelped. My Mistress laughed. She tickled my feet. I squirmed.

Then Miss Suzanna brought over a magic wand. She sat on me, close to my cock and started using the wand on me, but again ordered me not to come. It was wonderful having my beautiful Mistress so close to me and wonderful what she was doing to me but I was in agony being forbidden to come.

I was then blindfolded so I could no longer prepare myself for what what was to come.

She went away briefly, and returned. I felt drops onto my body. They were hot! It was wax! She worked down my body.

She went away, and came back. I said, “no no”. Miss Suzanna said nothing, and she lifted my cock. I moaned a weak “no”, as I felt drops onto my cock and then my balls.

She ordered me to raise my thighs from the bed and again to wank. Now she lubed my arsehole and started fucking it with a dildo. She was moving the dildo in and out of my hole while I was wanking my cock. I was ordered to come.

A lot of guys love that. I love it when Miss Suzanna takes me with her strapon. I love submitting to my Mistress, but it doesn’t make me come.

I can’t come. I failed I disobeyed Miss Suzanna. .

Miss Suzanna was furious. I was ordered off the bed. I was ordered to bend over the bed. I was told to say “I must come when ordered to come” after each blow. I think there were 10 blows of the cane. But Miss Suzanna had not finished her punishment of me. I was ordered to hold out my left hand. She struck it with the cane. It was agony! I said “please no, please no”. Miss Suzanna laughed her laugh and told me I will have 3 blows on my hands. Obediently, I held out my other hand Another stinging blow!! I deserved the pain. And then the third blow!!

Miss Suzanna was in a better mood after inflicting these blows. She ordered me to stand in the middle of the room. I felt her wrapping something round my body. She worked her way down my body. I could feel her so close to me but could not see what she was doing. She ordered me to put my legs together and wrapped me down to my ankles in an extreme bondage wrap. I was totally resticted and helpless and felt quite claustrophobic. Restrained and blindfolded, my senses had come to life. I was aware that Miss Suzanna was there, totally controlling me.

She unwrapped it from my body and took off the blindfold.

She ordered me back on the bed. I was ordered to wank. She brought over her new electrical equipment. She attached a ring round my cock and turned it. I felt nothing at first. She moved the dial and I felt a tingling. She adjusted the setting. The tingling was stronger. She further increased the setting. Now I was struggling. This pleased my Mistress. She was happy.

As a finale, I am ordered to wank but this time, because of my earlier failure, I am told I must ruin my orgasm. She stood provocatively close to me as I wanked more excitedly.

But again I failed to come.

I was a double failure! My Mistress is insulted!

I was ordered off the bed. 3 more cane strokes to my hands. After each one, I moved my hand off the bed, suffering horrible pain. Miss Suzanna coldly ordered me to put my hand back on the bed. After the 3 blows, she then ordered me to hold my cock onto the bed. I exclaimed “no”. My Mistress coldly said “yes”. She caned my pathetic cock. The pain was awful!! I left the bed. Miss Suzanna waited. I knew I would again have to place my cock on the bed. My Mistress said there will be 5 blows. My cock soon bruised. Miss Suzanna was delighted.

After 5 blows, Miss Suzanna told me I am forbidden to touch my cock until next week. She then ordered me to get dressed and go.

The session had started as a success with my taking the 62 blows but ended in the pathetic double failure not coming when ordered to do so. I know I am useless. Thank you, Miss Suzanna.

slave mushroom

January 12 2017

28Jan 2017

Thank You for yesterday’s session.

Thank You for the pain and marks You gave me and granting me the privilege of receiving them so as to give You pleasure. And thank You for allowing me some pleasure.

You are a wonderful and kind Mistress. i am very fortunate.

i kiss Your feet xxx.

Your humble slave,

slave mushroom

January 27 2017

21Feb 2017

Diary: Filming with Miss Suzanna Maxwell

by eyemblacksheep

February 10 2017

One thing I enjoy about a lot of the things I get involved in is that absolutely anything can come from anywhere

There’s stories I haven’t told – maybe one day I will, in the wrong order. But, the idea of some of these blog posts came after I’d been in a position to be like “Hey, do you mind if I write about how awesome You are?”

So. I’d got talking to Mr Dynamite, who is involved in Divine Goddesses and then suddenly, “Hey, send us your details – we’ll see about filming some time”.

So, I sent my details and interests and offer came to film with Miss Suzanna Maxwell.

I took this opportunity with two wide open arms.

I didn’t know loads about Her. But, I had already been following Her because She is filming with Merciless Dominas in March, an opportunity I sadly can not take (my March is shaping to be quite exciting and busy – aaand – it’s going to be easier to take another opportunity with MD in the future…) so I was already in the process of warming towards Her and being disappointed it had been starting to look unlikely.
So, this turn of events was an amazing opportunity.

There was a bit excitement, I mean, I had read Her website but sometimes difficult to gauge what someone is like from just a website – but – among anything else, a quick look that DG had worked with other people who I trust, I felt the whole situation was low risk, but still the excitement of finding out about someone via play.
I like that sometimes, when you’re learning about each other through play together. It’s much more intimate.

An early morning, but largely uneventful journey – W/we are a little late being collected (and I initially feel embarrassed as we were both waiting near each other and I hadn’t seen Her!) as there has been a delivery that Mr Dynamite has taken receipt of.

It’s a throne, which I assist in getting into the dungeon – and a slight kick of excitement it is likely W/we will be the first to use it.
The space is very familiar, I’ve seen it in pics/trailers/clips but, as always, there’s the air of excitement.

Before filming I get chance to chat with Miss Suzanna, She can tell I’m a little bit nervous and She is good at helping discuss thing, She’s reading through my interests/limits list and asking questions which is very helpful – some of my nerves is just usually around being good enough. I don’t know why I worry, I think I’ve always been “good enough” but – She is very reassuring it will be fine.

Filming experiences can be different. I want to stress that I pretty much always enjoy filming – on some filming days, there can be a wait for your scene if there are many subs and it can be an almost random activity, on others you can be continuously shooting but the activities don’t have a flow to them, or sometimes it can feel like a session with the camera rolling.
All approaches can be good and have strengths and weaknesses. Today is like a filmed session.

W/we start with a warm-up using paddles. This is also the first part of O/our getting to know each other phase. She is obviously reading my body, learning what I can take today – and I am learning Her style.
She is very much about pain and pleasure. She stops for regular breaks to move into sensation play, prompting goosebumps as she runs Her nails over my skin.
She is drawing a S on my back, I find this quite intimate and erotic, effectively being marked with Her initial.

I’m reminded in my head of something I’d seen Her post, where she’d written an S in needles on someone’s back and wondering if it was something I could do… I’m not even into needle play… but the idea seems appealing.

After paddling, we move onto caning. I had a bad experience with caning last year, I keep trying to convince myself that it was just one-of-those-days, but worry about one-of-those-days when on camera, despite being caned twice (now thrice) since then! But, by the end of the 31 (Her favourite number) I half wished there was an easy way to signify I could take 31 more… but, let us see how things progress in the future.

Me even having these thoughts is a sign She has some form of control over me. Me wanting to take more for Her already.

W/we took a posed photo after the caning which I adore. I think She looks amazing in it and the colour scheme in the room lights Her up brilliantly.

It’s foot worship next which is always a personal favourite of mine – She mentions afterwards She genuinely enjoys foot worship and – I could tell! She makes me work for Her feet and teases and then allows me to enjoy. I had not sought out pictures of Her feet prior to meeting, so my first experience was as I removed her boots – they’re dainty and small, She has a beautiful tattoo on Her right foot and leg and this is a majestic experience.
Because I get the impression She is enjoying it, it makes me enjoy it more and work harder for Her – and it creates a nice bliss. I love the energy when a Mistress and slave seem to bounce off each O/other.

During this play, I discover one of Her strongest features. It’s Her eyes. I’d not really noticed so much in photographs – but I discover She enjoys eye contact (I like how people are different, I’d previously been taught to avoid eye contact unless invited – but this is an invitation and a half!) and it does, it creates a spark that leaves you weak as you look up to see Her Dominance with a simple look.

Moving around the room, I notice W/we have a lot more rapport as I’m flogged on the cross, there’s a few jokes and some misdirection and play that has hints that are harsh and hints that are sensual.

She notes the S She has been scratching into my back is fading – at this point I was longing to be marked by Her. The idea of having Her initial scratched into me was massively appealing. I’m not sure if it is good form to beg to be marked?!

Some strap-on worship next – I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. In more ways than one. I think if W/we had done this earlier I may not have been as “into” it – but – as I have said, I am spellbound by this point. Again, Her eyes! I look up and they pierce.

Just writing this has me weak all over again.

The excitement of facesitting, followed by some edging leaves me on the floor, shaking, lapping up spit before W/we move for a big finish.
I feel I’ve served an injustice by skimming over the last few clips W/we shot, despite them being utterly amazing to be part of.
But, I would not normally be so candid over private play, however, in this instance in a few weeks time, you the reader will be able to see O/our entire play – but, I almost feel with that in mind – I want to leave you something that makes you want to purchase these.
Some points, I think, leaves a narration to what is happening in my head which you often cannot tell.
But overall, I wanted to enthuse about how grateful I was for such an opportunity to serve and assist Her.
I imagine the wider scene will see a lot more of Miss Suzanna in the future and for this, W/we can all be grateful.

She was very respectful of my levels and I see this as a sign of a good Dominant. She asserted Her power and Dominance over me whilst not pushing too far – so I think this serves as a good introduction for U/us and I hope the clips will provide many with a good introduction to Her and of course I am extremely excited ideas have been mooted for a “next time” in which I feel driven to push myself more for Her, now She has gifted me a glimpse into Her world.

The BDSM scene has been very good to me – and days like today is another good example

03Mar 2017

Mistress was going to Hoxton Dungeon. It was my job to make the arrangements, book the train and arrange restaurants for her stay.

We met at Manchester Piccadilly. I took Mistress’ bags and saw that she was comfortably seated in first class. Then I retired to my seat in standard class. Standard class was pretty crowded, but what was important was that Mistress had a very relaxing and comfortable journey.

On arrival, I took Miss Suzanna’s bags to the taxi queue, and we soon arrived at Hoxton.

Miss Suzanna was greeted by a welcoming Madame Caramel while I stood trying not to get in the way.

After she left, Mistress said she wanted tea. I made it, and took it to her on a silver tray. She was seated on the throne in the dungeon. I handed her the tray and knelt at her feet while she slowly sipped her tea. After she had finished, Miss Suzanna told me to take away the tray, and graciously allowed me to have some tea, standing in the kitchen.

Miss Suzanna then ordered me to unpack her case. She demands that her toiletries are lined up in the bathroom from the smallest to the tallest.

I then waited until Mistress needed me.

She then ordered me to draw her a bath which I dutifully did. And light her a candle in the bathroom.

She gave me a shopping list, and told me, while she was in the bath, to go out onto the Main Street to get some food and toiletries. It was dark and damp out as I went round the shops looking for her items.

After she emerged suitably relaxed from her bath she ordered me into the changing area to get undressed and await her.

I waited on my knees until she was ready and arrived. I then prostrated myself and kissed her boots. After Miss Suzanna was satisfied that I had paid due homage, she ordered me to crawl behind her into the Dungeon.

She ordered me to the kneeling stool where she tied me down.

She chose a one-tailed whip, and started to whip me. I obediently counted. After 20, she switched to the cane. I lay head down, counting and absorbing the pain I take from Miss Suzanna. I am happy that it makes her happy that I suffer. After 31 she thankfully stopped.

But that was my introduction to time in the dungeon at the hands of Mistress. A time of pain for me, interspersed with some pleasure. Mistress is kind. While she thrives on giving pain and humiliation to her slaves and subs, she also allows them a certain amount of pleasure to show that she is in charge; she is the Queen; we are her playthings. I am grateful that someone as wonderful as Miss Suzanna uses a creature as pathetic as me as the canvass for her art.

To be continued………


January 31 2017

03Mar 2017

Prior to coming to London, knowing her likes and dislikes I had chosen a restaurant for Miss Suzanna in the Hoxton area.

I ordered a taxi for her.

On her return, Miss Suzanna said she had something special for me. She had in her hands a latex hood and magic wand.

She had spoken of locking me in the upright cage that stood in the far corner of the bedroom. She had also spoken of pleasuring herself.

It was clear I was going to be tormented in some way.

She ordered me to get undressed and to put on the hood. I’m not a fan of latex hoods. Firstly, they are so difficult to put on. Then they are so tight and uncomfortable. But an order from Mistress is an order, and I struggled manfully (!) to obey Her.

Miss Suzanna told me to go into the cage. She then blindfolded me, locked me in the cage and tied my hands to the bars.

I wasn’t happy at being confined, and I was sad that, while Mistress was allowing me to stay in the same room, I was imprisoned and would see nothing.

There was a TV next to the cage and Miss Suzanna turned it on, reducing my ability to hear as well as see and move.

Miss Suzanna then left me.

The next thing I knew was the low hum of the magic wand.

I could only imagine that Mistress had undressed and was lying on the bed in front of me and using the wand.

I then heard her voice softly saying that no man could satisfy her like a magic wand does. Telling me I was hopeless and useless.

Mistress always tells me I am pathetic and useless. I know I am. But now I was locked away and unseeing, and Mistress was enjoying herself. Never would I see her in such an intimate way. Never would I touch her in so intimate way. Such delights are forever denied a beta sub like me.

I now could hear her sighs and her moans. I wanted to see. I wanted to touch myself. I wanted to touch Mistress. Her moans got louder. As Miss Suzanna got more and more excited, I got more and more frustrated…….

To be continued………..


January 31 2017