03Mar 2017

After releasing me from the stand-up cage, Miss Suzanna dismissed me saying she was going to watch tv and then go to sleep.

Around the Suite, there were bells for Mistress to ring to summon Her slave, and Miss Suzanna said She would ring for me when She needed me.

I retired to my “bed”. It was the cage in the dungeon. Miss Suzanna had graciously determined that I would not be locked in for the night in case I needed to go to the toilet.

Frustrated by my recent experience, I was now resigned to many hours on my own in my cage. I can only think of beautiful Mistress. Not only can I never touch her, but I am not permitted to see her more intimate moments. And not worthy to witness her. And of course I was still not permitted to touch myself.

I made my bed, and crawled in.

It was hard, very cramped and very uncomfortable.

I slept fitfully. I woke several times, often with cramp. I was grateful to Mistress when I needed to get out of my cage to go to the toilet.

My dozing was interrupted by the ringing of the bell. Miss Suzanna cheerily shouted “good morning”.

That was my instruction immediately to leave my cage and make Mistress a cup of tea which I took to her room on a silver platter.

While she was drinking that, I returned to the kitchen to make her breakfast which I then carried to her. I was glad to be serving her. That is my role in life.

Miss Suzanna then told me to get ready and leave her. She had appointments for the next several hours and I had to get out until my own appointment at 4 in the afternoon.

Miss Suzanna did not trouble herself that outside it was cold and wet. I was in the way, and had to go.

I went.

To be continued………


January 31/February 1 2017

03Mar 2017

I was out for several hours, wondering how Miss Suzanna was doing at the Dungeon, and eagerly awaiting my own session.

Lucky subs to be receiving whatever at Mistress’ hands. How I longed it was me being beaten, being teased and being denied.

As 4.00 approached, I was in a local cafe constantly looking at my phone for the call or text saying Mistress was ready for my return.

At last, I got a message and I hurried with eager anticipation to the Dungeon Suite.

Miss Suzanna let me in, and immediately ordered me into the changing room, telling me to strip and wait for her. That means wait on my knees until she comes for me.

I was excited and nervous. Miss Suzanna had promised that I would be getting new treatment today for the first time. This was because Hoxton is a particularly well equipped Dungeon, and she could indulge herself. I didn’t know what it would be. I was nervous, but I always trust Mistress. She has total control over me, but she will never harm me.

I heard Mistress coming for me. I prostrated myself on the floor, hands outstretched palms upwards, eyes, of course, down. There was no speaking. I saw a leather boot on the floor near me. That was my signal to kiss it and pay homage to Mistress. I kiss it in my own pathetic way like I would kiss a woman. Of course I am not allowed to kiss any woman. Mistress’ footwear is my limit.

After I have kissed all round that boot, it disappears. Another boot appears. I embrace it in the same manner.

Miss Suzanna must have been satisfied. The second boot disappeared. Mistress said “follow me”. The etiquette is to crawl on hands and knees. I followed Mistress into the dimly-lit Dungeon.

Miss Suzanna ordered me onto the kneeling stool. She fastened the straps on my ankles, thighs, body and wrists.

I know I am going to be beaten. I can’t say I enjoy it, but it is what as Miss Suzanna’s slave I have to do. I know she gets pleasure from inflicting pain on my body and I therefore willingly obey.

She uses paddle and cane on my bottom and thighs. As usual, I have to count each blow. I shut my eyes and attempt to absorb the pain. After 10 and 20, Miss Suzanna pauses, and caresses the marks and bruises from her blows. She loves to admire her handiwork, and I am content that she gets satisfaction from using my body.

At 31, her favourite number, she thankfully halts.

But I am not yet released. Miss Suzanna, after admiring and caressing the marks and bruises she has inflicted on my body, has not finished with my helpless body. She scratches me with her elegant long nails and then applies a pin wheel to me. What excruciating pain! And how delightful to serve Mistress in this way.

She then pauses, but does not untie me from the kneeling stool.

She needs me to be held tight by the straps for the next stage of my treatment.

I felt a stinging in my back. And then another. I realised that for the first time, I am going to have needles inserted into my skin.

One after another they are inserted. At first I thought Miss Suzanna was probably inserting the needles one by one down my back. But then I realised from the curving of the pain, that she was drawing a large “S” on my back.

After a while, she stopped. She had run out of her first batch of needles. She then got some more, and continued till she had finished. She took a photograph of her artistry, which she later posted on Twitter. I was glad to be used by Mistress. I am delighted She chooses to use Her property. She can take whatever She wishes. It is not for me to allow Her or give myself to Her. She takes what is Hers.

She said I had been “a good boy”. I feel so pleased. I constantly seek Mistress’ approval.


February 1 2017

20Mar 2017

Miss Suzanna now moved on from corporal punishment and needles to using me anally. My Mistress delights in penetrating my holes, and now she takes my arse hole. First with her finger; then with a dildo and finally with an inflatable butt plug. I love it when she takes me this way. I of course will never penetrate Mistress, but it is very symbolic of our Domme/sub relationship when she penetrates any of my holes.

After having opened me up more and more, Miss Suzanna unties me from the kneeling steel. I am immediately told to go on my knees.

I now realise that I am going to receive my 2nd new treatment of the session. This time it is a fucking machine.

I moan at the thought of this electric device penetrating me. But for Mistress I will do anything.

She lines up my arsehole and cock. She kindly lubes me up. And then it starts. In and out of my arsehole.

It is Mistress’ right to use me as she wishes and it is my duty to obey and submit to whatever she wants.

I submit.

I know I am pathetic in most things I do, but Miss Suzanna knows I try. After I have been fucked for a few minutes, she stops the machine and says those words that ring so happily in my ears – “good boy”.

Miss Suzanna now said it was time for me to be allowed some pleasure. She orders me to lie on my back on the bed.

Before pleasure there has to be more pain.

Miss Suzanna does what alas she very rarely does. She touches my cock. But it is to put electrodes on it. Something that she delights in. I am of course pleased that she touches it however briefly.

Her delight continues as she turns on the e-stim and she laughs at my contortions. My pleasure is as ever being used by Mistress to give her pleasure.

She then uses an electric pin wheel on my defenceless cock.

This is what my cock is for. To be tormented by Miss Suzanna.

But then it is time for me to have some pleasure at my Mistress’ hands. She gets the Venus 2000 and attaches it to my cock.

Thank you, kind Mistress! Such delight as she moves the Venus 2000 on my cock. After weeks of being ordered to edge myself but forbidden to come, this is beautiful. The suction on me is wonderful. Thank you, Mistress. First Miss Suzanna uses it on me. Then I am ordered to hold it. It is wonderful. For Miss Suzanna to be so close. And Mistress gives me permission to come. Orders me to come. But now I fail Mistress. I can’t come.

Miss Suzanna always tells me I am useless and pathetic, and now when ordered to come for her, I fail her.

Miss Suzanna is not pleased. I am ordered to stop using the Venus 2000.

Now I must be punished.

Miss Suzanna still has some needles unused. She now punishes my useless cock. She holds the pathetic organ and proceeds to stick a needle in my cock head. The thought of it was worse than the pain of it. But then a second needle and a third add to the pain and punishment. 6 in my useless cock and then 2 in my worthless balls. I am a hopeless failure and deserve to be punished by Mistress.

With punishment and failure in my ears, the session is now over.

Miss Suzanna had done a lot. I am always glad to be of service to Mistress. She is creative, and my purpose is to be used as an instrument for her to play with.

I am grateful if I can give her pleasure.

Thank you, wonderful Mistress.


February 1 2017

15May 2017

Miss Suzanna ordered me to undress. As i was doing so, She ordered me to hurry.

When i was naked, She looked at me with repugnance. Fat with a tiny cock. Although She remarked it was hard.

i immediately got into greeting position, lying prostrate on the floor, palms upwards, and kissed Her shoes. i was delighted that She was wearing peep shoes, and i could kiss Her beautiful toes with red painted nails.

Mistress ordered me to stop, and ordered me to go to the St Andrews Cross, facing it with my back and bottom exposed. She rapidly tied me to the Cross.

i had seen that She had her new one tailed whip and quirt ready for action. Initially, Miss Suzanna warmed me up with her paddle.

Only after that was i ordered to start counting.

She started using the quirt. It hurt. i was pathetic. i kept moaning and trying to twist in my ties. i know i am useless. Miss Suzanna knows i am weak. Thankfully it reached 31. Miss Suzanna untied me. W/we both knew. i was a failure.

As i walked from the Cross to the Spanking Bench, Miss Suzanna cracked Her whip, first at my back and then at my front. Mistress cracked the whip; i jumped; Miss Suzanna laughed. i kept my hands to protect my cock, leaving my bottom exposed. i hope it raised Mistress’ spirits after my failure on the Cross.

i was ordered to get in position on the Bench. Mistress told me to slide my bottom into position. my thighs were raised and i was tied at my thighs and wrists, leaving me totally exposed. my cock and balls were at the mercy of Miss Suzanna, and, as i would soon realise, so was my arsehole.

Miss Suzanna said i looked repulsive. She started flicking my cock. She then alternated between smacking it and squeezing it. It is of course Her right to do whatever She wants to me. It is my duty to obey and accept. Miss Suzanna reminded me that i am pathetic and weak.

Mistress then lubed my arsehole and inserted a dildo into it. She ordered me to keep the dildo in position. If it fell, She would stick it in my mouth.

Miss Suxanna then took off Her dress and She was wearing delightful red and black underwear.

The dildo slipped out!

Without delay, Miss Suzanna picked it up, ordered me to open my mouth and stuck it in, reminding me where it had been.

She took it out, and reinserted it in my arsehole, again ordering me to retain it.

Miss Suzanna then put on Her strapon. Before She started fucking me, she placed poppers in my nostrils. i breathed in.

Mistress entered me. It is my duty to accept Miss Suzanna’s cock. She first entered me only a little. And then She entered me further and started fucking me hard. How wonderful!! To be fucked by beautiful Mistress. “Take me; use me” i said.

Mistress untied my right hand and ordered me to start playing with my cock. She fucked me vigourously. i responded with my own pathetic thrusts and wanked my tiny cock.

So wonderful that Mistress is using me. She had taken my virgin arsehole some months before, and it is Her right to take me whenever She wants. Yes, fuck me, beloved Mistress.

Miss Suzanna ordered me to come while She fucked my arsehole. Now whilst i love to be submissive and be taken by Miss Suzanna, i have never felt my prostate aroused, and i couldn’t come.

i failed. Miss Suzanna expects me to come when She orders me to. She was not pleased and said She would punish me. “you are not even hard” She said.

She removed Her strapon, and ordered me to come in 3 minutes 1 second.

Another chance to come, but only in a time limit. Beautiful Mistress stood over me whilst i wanked. i played, aware there was a short time and aware that i mustn’t again fail my Mistress. And since i am not allowed to come between sessions, this would be my last chance to come for some time.

i played. Mistress looked at the timer on Her phone. i played with more desperation, looking at Her beauty, longing to obey Her.

10, 9, 8, 7. i so much wanted to come for Mistress. my only thought was to obey Mistress. my own satisfaction was not relevant. It was not to fail Miss Suzanna.

3, 2, 1. i am close, very close.

O please don’t let the time run out, and i would be ordered to stop.

Mistress is kind and understanding. She could see i was close. There was no zero. Seconds later i came.

Mistress was pleased. She smiled, and ordered me to eat my come.

i was happy to have satisfied Miss Suzanna and eagerly ate it.

As She handed me wet wipes to wipe the remainder, She told me that my 3 times a day edging without coming would cease for 7 days. my punishment was that i would not be allowed to touch myself at all. But once a day must think of Her, get hard without touching for 13 minutes. And of course, not come.

Thank you, Miss Suzanna. You own me.

April 10 2017


26Sep 2017

A visit to wonderful Mistress’ chambers.  Such an honour. Such excitement.

An opportunity to serve Her and worship Her. To receive Her effortless power, mentally and physically.

i sometimes lapse into “old” terminology and think of me giving myself to Her. But that is wrong. It is Miss Suzanna taking what is Hers. She owns me, and She uses me as She wishes. It is an honour to be used and controlled by Her.


The usual excitement is tempered by the fact that i had (not for the first time) failed Miss Suzanna. Because of previous failure, my orgasm control regime had been changed to no touching 24/7. And i had confessed to Mistress that i had touched twice. Punishment was inevitable. Miss Suzanna is kind and caring to Her slave but She expects obedience, and any disobedience or failure must be punished.


Miss Suzanna opened the door. At first i couldn’t see Her. It was dark and my glasses hadn’t adjusted to the change in light. Then i saw Her. She looked more gorgeous than ever. All in black setting off Her lovely blonde hair and bright red lipstick. A low cut diaphanous dress showing Her wondrous curves. “Good afternoon, Mistress”. She smiled. A smile of warmth. Yet also emitting power and domination. Without a further word, i followed Her. She then said “Go up to the gold room and wait for me”.

That gave me a dilemma. Or 2 actually. i got to a room which i think is called the gold room and Miss Suzanna has used previously. The wallpaper is predominantly red, but it has some gold. i go in tentatively. But what does “wait” mean. Does it mean strip completely and lay prostrate awaiting Mistress, or stand head bowed. Since i know Miss Suzanna finds my naked body repulsive, i decided to be cautious and waited standing, head bowed. Miss Suzanna enters the room. Since She made no comment or criticism, thankfully, i must have been correct.

After a brief conversation, it was down to business. i stripped. As is invariably the case, Miss Suzanna didn’t miss the opportunity to ridicule my tiny pathetic cock; pathetic and useless. She ordered me to worship Her boots. i got into my natural position. i lay prostrate on the floor, arms outstretched palms upwards and started kissing the offered boot. The front, the top, the side and the back, and then the front again. Miss Suzanna then put forward Her other foot and i paid my devotion to Her second boot. When She had had enough, She ordered me to stop and get up.

i was then ordered to the kneeling steel. Mistress started strapping me to it. She reminded me of my extra punishment. That, instead of my regular 31 blows, there would be 2 lots of 31 extra for my 2 touches. i gasped! “An extra 62!”.  “Yes”, she laughed. “Of course. you need to be taught a lesson”.

She then asked if i had been a good boy, and not touched in the last week. i hesitated. What do i say? i have to tell Mistress the truth. i confessed that i had touched once. “Then that is another 31”, she said matter-of-factly. The thought of 93 had scared me. 124 was very frightening!!

my legs, thighs and hands were tied to the kneeling stool. There was no escape. Miss Suzanna took a cane. She started. “One”, i obediently counted out aloud. Mistress did them fast. W/we got to 10. She paused. It was hurting. my counting was breathless. i do it for Miss Suzanna. It is Her right. i submit. She resumed. i counted up to 31.

Miss Suzanna stopped. She came round to my front, and looked into my eyes. She told me to breath properly. She then caressed my sore bottom. Before resuming the punishment, She ordered me to keep repeating “i must obey my Mistress” and said She would count. She resumed the caning. But She didn’t count aloud. Now i didn’t know how W/we were progressing through the 30s and 40s. i no longer was aware of how many were left. It seemed it would be endless. Miss Suzanna paused, caressed my bottom, and said it was already bruising nicely. She sounded pleased. i was whimpering.

The blows continued short and sharp. The repetition was a constant reminder of my failings. “i must obey my Mistress” “i must obey my Mistress”. i stressed the “must”. i knew and know that i must obey Miss Suzanna. The blows were endless; the pain was never-ending. There was no end in sight. Miss Suzanna paused. “How many is it”, She said. i guessed it must be 93. It was right.

The last 31 were relatively easy as i was now on the homeward leg. “i MUST obey my Mistress”. “i MUST obey my Mistress”.  Obedience is essential. Failure must never happen. Miss Suzanna stopped.

It was over. i was breathing heavily. Miss Suzanna came round in front of me, smiling, “you have done very well”. Praise indeed. But i was in no position to smile back. “It is bruising very nicely”.

Miss Suzanna untied me and told me to get dressed. “Thank You, Mistress”, i said. i have learnt a painful lesson, 124 lessons. Miss Suzanna must be obeyed.

September 13 2017