Diary of a slave

28Jan 2017

I have been sessioning with and owned by Miss Suzanna for some time and she knows my limits. She takes charge of the sessions and I trust her implicitely.

I arrived for my first session of the year with Miss Suzanna and my first for a while.

Even in the darkness of the doorway, Miss Suzanna looked stunning. She first ordered me to wait whilst she picked something up from the dressing room and then I obediently followed her to her well equipped dungeon.

I knew that this 2 hour session would be a trial for me. Miss Suzanna had promised (threatened) that she was looking forward to beating and marking me. She had also said that she had new equipment that she was going to try out on me.

But first I had to present myself and pay homage to my Mistress. On my knees and on my haunches, arms outstretched with palms of hands upwards, I first kissed one of her leather boots. She pressed the pointed 6 inch heel of the other boot into my back. After I had passionately kissed her right boot for some time, she lowered her left boot for me similarly to kiss that. She then pressed the heel of her right boot into my bent back.

After these regular preliminaries, I was ordered to the spanking stool. Miss Suzanna eagerly tied me. My legs, thighs and wrists were tied. I was in position. There was a mirror to which I could turn my head to watch the beautiful image of my Mistress. She had a cane in her hand. I straightened my head and closed my eyes. The first blows hit my feet. She said they didn’t count!! The first blow landed on my bottom. I obediently counted “one”.

And so the beating progressed. After the first 10, Miss Suzanna paused. I opened my eyes. I could feel and see that she lovingly caressed the marks. She loves to admire the marks she inflicts on male flesh.

She resumed and again I shut my eyes and received the blows. Tied in position, I could not move. I could just receive. Again, after 20, my Mistress paused to admire her handiwork.

31 is her magic number. I hoped as it came to 28, 29, 30 that she would halt at 31. But I wasn’t surprised when 31 was followed by 32.

And so it went on. First cane then riding crop and then Miss Suzanna’s favourite, her bullwhip. As well as striking my bottom and my thighs, it also whips round my side.

At 62 Miss Suzanna stopped. She said “good boy” and tenderly caressed me. I wasn’t sure whether that was a thank you to me for giving her such pleasure in being a piece of flesh for her to beat and mark and bruise, or just so she could caress her handiwork.

She put the lights up so she could photograph her work. I was in pain, but happy that I could give my Mistress pleasure.

Miss Suzanna untied me. She lifted the base of the bed and ordered me to lie on my back on the floor of the cage. She put the bed down trapping me in. She said ‘after the pain comes the pleasure”. She told me to look in the mirror. I could see my beautiful Mistress climbing on top of the bed. Miss Suzanna said it was appropriate that she was on top of me.

I was ordered to touch myself and forbidden to come. I could not see properly, but Miss Suzanna seemed to be equally enjoying herself. I continued to edge myself.

I was ordered to stop. I was ordered out of the cage and to lie on the bed.

Miss Suzanna then said that now it must be pain and pleasure. I was ordered to touch myself but not come. She twisted my right nipple and then my left nipple. My nipples are always very sensitive. I yelped. My Mistress laughed. She tickled my feet. I squirmed.

Then Miss Suzanna brought over a magic wand. She sat on me, close to my cock and started using the wand on me, but again ordered me not to come. It was wonderful having my beautiful Mistress so close to me and wonderful what she was doing to me but I was in agony being forbidden to come.

I was then blindfolded so I could no longer prepare myself for what what was to come.

She went away briefly, and returned. I felt drops onto my body. They were hot! It was wax! She worked down my body.

She went away, and came back. I said, “no no”. Miss Suzanna said nothing, and she lifted my cock. I moaned a weak “no”, as I felt drops onto my cock and then my balls.

She ordered me to raise my thighs from the bed and again to wank. Now she lubed my arsehole and started fucking it with a dildo. She was moving the dildo in and out of my hole while I was wanking my cock. I was ordered to come.

A lot of guys love that. I love it when Miss Suzanna takes me with her strapon. I love submitting to my Mistress, but it doesn’t make me come.

I can’t come. I failed I disobeyed Miss Suzanna. .

Miss Suzanna was furious. I was ordered off the bed. I was ordered to bend over the bed. I was told to say “I must come when ordered to come” after each blow. I think there were 10 blows of the cane. But Miss Suzanna had not finished her punishment of me. I was ordered to hold out my left hand. She struck it with the cane. It was agony! I said “please no, please no”. Miss Suzanna laughed her laugh and told me I will have 3 blows on my hands. Obediently, I held out my other hand Another stinging blow!! I deserved the pain. And then the third blow!!

Miss Suzanna was in a better mood after inflicting these blows. She ordered me to stand in the middle of the room. I felt her wrapping something round my body. She worked her way down my body. I could feel her so close to me but could not see what she was doing. She ordered me to put my legs together and wrapped me down to my ankles in an extreme bondage wrap. I was totally resticted and helpless and felt quite claustrophobic. Restrained and blindfolded, my senses had come to life. I was aware that Miss Suzanna was there, totally controlling me.

She unwrapped it from my body and took off the blindfold.

She ordered me back on the bed. I was ordered to wank. She brought over her new electrical equipment. She attached a ring round my cock and turned it. I felt nothing at first. She moved the dial and I felt a tingling. She adjusted the setting. The tingling was stronger. She further increased the setting. Now I was struggling. This pleased my Mistress. She was happy.

As a finale, I am ordered to wank but this time, because of my earlier failure, I am told I must ruin my orgasm. She stood provocatively close to me as I wanked more excitedly.

But again I failed to come.

I was a double failure! My Mistress is insulted!

I was ordered off the bed. 3 more cane strokes to my hands. After each one, I moved my hand off the bed, suffering horrible pain. Miss Suzanna coldly ordered me to put my hand back on the bed. After the 3 blows, she then ordered me to hold my cock onto the bed. I exclaimed “no”. My Mistress coldly said “yes”. She caned my pathetic cock. The pain was awful!! I left the bed. Miss Suzanna waited. I knew I would again have to place my cock on the bed. My Mistress said there will be 5 blows. My cock soon bruised. Miss Suzanna was delighted.

After 5 blows, Miss Suzanna told me I am forbidden to touch my cock until next week. She then ordered me to get dressed and go.

The session had started as a success with my taking the 62 blows but ended in the pathetic double failure not coming when ordered to do so. I know I am useless. Thank you, Miss Suzanna.

slave mushroom

January 12 2017

27Nov 2016

I arrived with expectation to see Miss Suzanna. She had told me to take viagra before I left home.

After the usual formalities, I was ordered to strip and kneel on the kneeling stall

I always receive a minimum of 31 blows with a variety of implements. Always the cane, and frequently with Miss Suzanna’s favourite bullwhip.

She ties my legs. My hands are free. She starts with the cane. I obediently count after each blow. After the 5th one, I raise the upper half of my body in anguish at the pain. Miss Suzanna knows I am pathetic and weak. I turn to her pleading. She has a glint in her eye, and she laughs. She orders me back down.

The blows and the counting continue.

Again with anguish and pleading from me, and a firm command from Miss Suzanna to resume my position.

As it gets in the mid twenties, I know (or hope) it is only a few more.

Miss Suzanna pauses and moves away. She is changing implements. She now has her beloved bullwhip in her hand. My head bows. It is not the blow itself with the bullwhip. The sting is in the tail as it catches you on your side and cuts into your flesh.

I count “31”, and mercifully Miss Suzanna stops at that point. There had been no infringements by me that required further blows and Miss Suzanna didn’t purely for her own pleasure determine that I should receive extra blows today.

Miss Suzanna unstraps me from the kneeling stool and orders me to lie on my back on the “bed”.

She puts on her black latex gloves. I know that that means she is going to do something she rarely deigns to do. To touch my cock.

But she orders me to wank to get myself hard.

She then goes to the table and brings her sounding equipment. Now I realise why she had told me to take a viagra. It was to get and stay hard for urethral sounding. Something I’d read about but never had done to me before. I’m worried, but I know that I am safe in Miss Suzanna’s hands. If she wanted to do it to me, I would do it for her. I happily submit to my Mistress. Of course, I have no choice. When Miss Suzanna orders, I obey without complaint.

She blindfolds me, saying it would be better for me if I didn’t watch my cock being penetrated. I feel the cold metal enter me. And it goes down further. It does not hurt. Miss Suzanna says “well done”. She moves the sound up and down. I give to my Mistress. She penetrates me. As is her right.

Miss Suzanna takes off the blindfold and I watch with fascination. She takes out the sound. It had been the smallest one. She puts in the next size. And again penetrates me. Up and down. I give to my Mistress. She puts the next 2 sizes in too.

Miss Suzanna says I was “a very good boy”, and was “quite impressed” with me.

As a reward she masturbates my cock for a few moments. Not to release of course because I am as ever under orgasm denial, but enough edging to be a very lovely reward from my kind Mistress.

She stops and orders me to get up and get dressed.

She again says I’ve been “a very good boy”. I leave feeling 10 feet tall!!

Thank you, Miss Suzanna for my first urethral sounding and my next step in proving myself your devoted slave.


October 27 2016

04Sep 2016

I arrived for my session with Miss Suzanna, knowing I had picked up penalties during the week for failures and misdemeanours. I wouldn’t just get 31 blows from my Mistress’s canes and whips but it would be 71. 4 penalties of 10 blows each.

I followed Miss Suzanna up to her chambers. She sat in her chair. I took my accustomed place on the very low stool. After a while, I was ordered to undress for my beatings. I put my clothes in the usual place on the floor and knelt on the spanking bench.

Miss Suzanna ordered me up on the bench so my arms were outstretched and she could tie my wrists. My thighs and legs were fastened.

She selected a couple of canes, and commenced.

The first blows are always a shock. I always know that I must count each blow. After the first 10, I couldn’t bear to think there would be another 61. After each 10 there is a pause, and possibly a change of implement. Sometimes the blows came fast so my counting could hardly keep up. After 30, Miss Suzanna paused, and admired her handiwork. My body is just the canvass of her patterns. After 50, Miss Suzanna picked up her bullwhip. As I count 66, 67, I know I am nearly there. 71, and she, perhaps reluctantly, puts down her bullwhip.

Miss Suzanna turns on the light and examines her completed work, caressing my wounds, admiring a particular cut or a special bruise. I love this part, The caresses, being the centre of my Mistress’s attention. And then, as she stands close to me, and takes photographs posing in front of her beaten slave.

I was then kept in position whilst Miss Suzanna started using her new electrics toy. I was told this was a new game for us. She would count to 10 at each setting. For each 10 seconds I lasted I would get 15 seconds when I was permitted to masturbate.

She started at the first setting. I felt a tingling. She counted to 10.

She moved up to the next setting. The tingling was a little more. She counted to 10.

As she moved up the settings, the tingling got greater.

After the 10th setting, Miss Suzanna moved the electrode closer to the tip of my cock. That was awful!!! Miss Suzanna laughed, and stopped the game.

Miss Suzanna congratulated me. I’d earnt 10 times 15 seconds. A total of 150 seconds.

I was told to go on the bed. I had 2 ½ minutes to masturbate with permission to come.

I was of course grateful to my Mistress, but I was unable to come with my own hand.

Time was up!

I was ordered off the bed and told to dress.

slave mushroom

August 18 2016

04Sep 2016

I returned to Miss Suzanna’s a week after my failure to orgasm the previous week.

Mistress greeted me with warmth.

She asked me if I was going to manage to cum today. Since last week, I had gone another 7 days without release, making it now 15 days since I had been last permitted to orgasm.

I replied I was confident I would not let my Mistress down again.

Miss Suzanna reminded me that as part of my essential training to be worthy of being collared, she would be kicking my balls today.

She graciously gave me the choice of whether I wanted to receive the kicks before or after my orgasm.

What a dilemma! Spoil the afterglow of an orgasm by having my balls kicked? Or not to be able to orgasm because I was in agony from the pain in my balls? Helpfully, Miss Suzanna said if I received the kicking before the orgasm, my balls would be full, which would help to cushion me.

Notwithstanding that helpful advice from my Mistress, I opted to have the attempted orgasm first.

But firstly, I had to be caned and whipped.

I was ordered onto to spanking bench. Today, Miss Suzanna was not going to tie me down. It would be a test for me to remain in position whilst I received the 31 blows.

Miss Suzanna hit; I counted aloud. 31 times. With some pauses whilst I struggled with the pain.

After she had finished, Miss Suzanna admired her work. She loves to see the bruises and marks, and caresses them on my bottom. I revel in her touch and the fact that I have submitted to her. She shows me the marks, and I am delighted. It is a privilege to be marked by my Mistress and for those marks to last for several days. Miss Suzanna took photographs.

I knew that another element of essential training to the collaring which I sought is forced bi, and that I would need to practice sucking a dildo. I didn’t know that this was my next task. But it was not any dildo. It was Miss Suzanna’s strapon. That was an honour! She put on her strapon, and sat on her throne. She ordered me to my knees and told me to start sucking. I tenderly licked my Mistress’s strapon. Miss Suzanna warned me a few times if my teeth were too evident, but said I had done a surprisingly good job. She then told me to wank her strapon. Maybe next time it will be a real cock?

I was then told to lie on the bed. I was ordered to wank myself, but forbidden to come. How can I stop myself when my Mistress is standing there, looking divine. After 1 minute I was told to stop. After a pause, I was told to start again, but forbidden to come. 3 times that happened

Then Miss Suzanna said she would take over. I had 30 seconds to come. With one hand she wanked my cock, and the other hand caressed me. It was wonderful. I was so grateful to my Mistress. I came in 11 seconds!!

I was then ordered off the bed and told to kneel on the spanking bench. I thought Miss Suzanna was going to remove her boots, but she kept them on. I waited, knowing I could trust my Mistress. She counted 3,2,1 and then kicked me in the balls. It wasn’t too bad. 3,2,1 and she kicked again. The pain!! I collapsed to the floor. Miss Suzanna laughed. After allowing me a brief pause, she ordered me back in position. 3,2,1 and kick. 3,2,1 and kick, And again I collapsed and she laughed.

Miss Suzanna briefly hugged me and congratulated me. I got dressed and left after a wonderful time.

slave mushroom

August 11 2016

04Sep 2016

After a brief conversation (no tea this time) Mistress ordered me onto the spanking bench.
She expertly tied my thighs, legs and wrists though only after ordering me to move forward so my arms will fully stretched.
i knew i was going to get more than my usual 31 blows. i had suffered penalties during the preceding week. Twice from ruined orgasms that had not been allowed.
I should explain that Mistress orders me to masturbate myself 3 times a day for 10 minutes. But i mustn’t come. This edging teaches me orgasm control and gives Mistress the pleasure of denying me an orgasm. my thoughts during the edging are of course solely about my Mistress. But twice in the preceding week i had failed! i didn’t stop myself in time, and pathetically orgasmed. i had tried to stop it by removing my hand, but too late! The evidence was on my body. Fortunately, since i had removed my hand, the orgasm was ruined by me, and wasn’t in any way pleasurable. That of course pleased Mistress, but the orgasm itself merited penalties. Though Mistress was appreciative that i had immediately confessed.
So today i would receive 69 blows.
Mistress selected several different implements, paddle, 2 different canes and a whip. i knew she also had her beloved bullwhip at hand.

Mistress started with a paddle. i as usual had to count the blows. Mistress videoed these first 10 and has since posted it on Twitter.
After a brief pause, Mistress chose a cane and continued the treatment. She took delight in caning the same part of my bottom over and over again.
She paused only to admire Her handiwork and caress the marks She had inflicted.
She reached 50. i knew the bullwhip was still to come.
That left a further 19 with the bullwhip. i was relieved when i finally counted “69”.
Mistress admired Her work, caressed Her marks and said i’d been a “good boy”.
i was so thankful to Mistress for using me for Her pleasure. It makes me feel so good when She gets pleasure from giving me pain. i receive the pain and it is for Her, Mistress. A wonderful sense of on the one hand giving to Her and on the other hand recognising that She owns me.

But for the next part of O/our session, Mistress had said She would be doing something different to me. i was released from the spanking bench and ordered to lie on the bed. Mistress stood over me.
She ordered me to masturbate for 1 minute without coming. She stood over me, looking beautiful, saying things to encourage me.
She looked at her watch and ordered me to stop. She then said how She would leave me, grabbed my cock hard and smacked it, ensuring my hard-on rapidly went.
She then ordered me to masturbate again.
This continued 5 times, with the only variation being that she sometimes took delight in destroying my hard-on by grabbing and squeezing my balls.
After the 5th such ruined hard-on, she gave me 30 seconds to masturbate to come. In spite of the fact that it was 8 days since my last allowed orgasm, I failed.
Mistress was disgusted.
She then said i should masturbate for 3 more minutes, and could come. But i would have to ruin it by removing my hand as i was getting ready to come and then eat the mess.
i again masturbated. But the pressure was too great, and i failed again.
Mistress was furious.
She got her cane and hit my pathetic cock 10 times.
She then ordered me to get dressed and go. She went to sit down and looked at her phone.
i ashamedly got dressed. i looked at Mistress, but She ignored me. And, destroyed, i left.

slave mushroom

August 4 2016

04Sep 2016

My Mistress’s latest form of orgasm control for me is to allow me to touch myself for 10 minutes twice a day. I can edge myself but not cum.

I always do preparations for playing with myself. I draw the curtains of my bedroom and put on the bedside lamp. I rapidly undress and then put on deodorant, body spray and aftershave as if I was seeing my Mistress. I then spray her perfume on my pillow and on some sampling sticks. I bring her photos to the bed. And then I set the timer on my phone alarm to 10 minutes.

I can then start. Holding the photos with one hand and kissing them. And touching my cock with the other hand. All the time thinking of my Mistress. What she would do to me. And what I am never allowed to do to her.

The first few days went fine and it was lovely thinking of and looking at my Mistress.

But on Saturday evening, it became very difficult. I was soon hard and on the verge of coming. As much as I wanted to continue touching, I had to stop to take away the tension.
I started again and within a few seconds I was again desperate to come.
Then I saw what I thought was pre-cum. It was a white slime coming out of me. I stopped touching immediately. There was damp on my body, and I realised it was a ruined orgasm.
Horrified, I stopped the edging and started eating the wet filth on my body.

I decided I would have my first Sunday play first thing. It was my Mistress’s birthday.
I went through the same preparations and started wanking. Again, I was soon desperate to come. I took my hand away, but after a while had to re-start.
Again, the white slime came out of my cock. I kept looking and my cock was helplessly pulsing but, thankfully, nothing more came out of it.
I knew I couldn’t touch any more, or I would have exploded into full orgasm. Thankfully, my phone rang that my 10 minutes was up.

I hope my Mistress is kind and understanding. And that she appreciates that although something came out of me, it was only a ruined orgasm.

I know that I am only permitted a proper orgasm if and when she gives permission. I say “proper”. That is proper for me. That means at my own hands. A normal man, a real man would have a proper orgasm when having sex with a woman and would come inside her pussy. I know that my Mistress totally forbids that. It will never be allowed.

slave mushroom

July 30 2016

14Aug 2016

i told Mistress that i was in a state of body and mind that i could be teased.
Mistress was not pleased. She said it was not for me to whine and whinge. She would determine what should or should not happen.

A while later She said we would play a game.
i had 15 minutes. i should get erect without touching myself. my Mistress would then destroy the erection. This would happen twice. If i got erect a third time, i would be permitted to touch myself to orgasm in the remaining time. But my promised orgasm in 4 days time would no longer be permitted.

i agreed to play.
i lay naked on the bed. Mistress lay clothed next to me. Mistress kindly allowed me not to have to wear a blindfold. i could look at my beautiful Mistress. i was told to sit on my hands
Mistress talked sexily to me. Although unable to touch myself, my cock soon got hard. Mistress touched it to confirm it was hard, and then She started to squeeze it hard and to smack it, and then to grab and squeeze my balls. i yelped in pain. Mistress told me to shut up, and continued until my erection was killed.
Mistress then resumed her sexy talk and inevitably i got hard again. Again She attacked my erect cock and balls until She was happy that my cock was again soft.
She then started talking sexily again. i was getting hard. She checked, but said it was not fully hard. She said i needed to hurry up if i was going to have time to masturbate. She finally ruled i was again erect.
She gave me the go ahead to masturbate, warning me that i only had 5 minutes.
She then proceeded to sit above my face. i could see her flimsy white knickers. Mistress then sat firmly on my face and it was a struggle to breath. Mistress spoke of her inviting body and how it was so close to me but that I would never have it. I wanked. Mistress said there was only 4 minutes left.
Mistress continued to taunt me saying She was so desirable. I moaned. And i wanked furiously. 3 minutes left.
Mistress continued to deny me, but then She said She would show me her body after I came. I was trying to hold on until the last few seconds, but the prospect of seeing my Mistress made it impossible. With 2 minutes to go, i came with relief.
My first orgasm, apart from the previous day’s ruined orgasm for 18 days.
What a lovely game!
Mistress threw some tissues and told me to clean up my mess. When She came back into the room, I was expecting her to invite me to look at her body, but She laughed cruelly and said it was just a joke.
She said that orgasms for me were now off the menu until further notice.

slave mushroom

July 27 2016

14Aug 2016

For 17 days i have been tormented.
i have not been allowed to touch my cock and not allowed to orgasm, but have been encouraged to edge myself as frequently as possible without touching and without release.
Miss Suzanna said i could rub my cock on the bedding. i chose to lie on my back and hump the duvet above me.
The last few days had been hell. i was doing this 3 times a day. Each time getting more and more excited. And more and more desperate.

The day arrived that i would be allowed to touch and allowed to orgasm.
i was ordered to strip and lie on my back. Miss Suzanna lay clothed next to me.
She then handed me my blindfold. She said i didn’t have the right to see her.
Whilst Miss Suzanna taunted me, i was allowed to masturbate.
It was wonderful at long last to be able to touch my cock. It was wonderful to have Miss Suzanna lying next to me.
i wanked furiously and knew i was close to coming.
i asked Miss Suzanna for permission to come.
Miss Suzanna said yes, but demanded i withdrew my hand.
My cock immediately pulsed to an orgasm. But it was pathetically ruined.
i was limp with dissatisfaction.
Miss Suzanna was thrilled.

slave mushroom

July 26 2016

14Aug 2016

i give myself to You. Or i say “Use me, beat me”.

How dare i presume to tell You what to do.

You have told me enough times that i am merely Your worthless slave. You own me. i am Your property. You have the right to do anything You choose to me.

You use me at Your will. It is Your right to use me or ignore me. And You know that there is nothing that would make me suffer more than if You ignored me. i am a slave. You are my life. i have no purpose without You.

i am grateful when You use me. When You allow me to buy You beautiful expensive things. When You whip me and mark me. When You fuck me and penetrate me.i am grateful and pay for the privilege.

i am grateful if You give me your champagne. And i will be grateful when You use my body to experiment on – electro sex, sounding, branding.

i am Your slave.

It is Your right to use me in whatever way gives You pleasure.

i am grateful.

slave mushroom

July 21 2016

14Aug 2016

i am owned and controlled by Miss Suzanna. She uses me as She wishes.

Between the pain and humiliation, Miss Suzanna grants me moments of pleasure as and when She sees fit.

Orgasms for me are entirely at my Mistress’s discretion.

She may message me between appointments to allow me to play with myself for a certain limited amount of time, and/or she may allow me time when we meet and order me to play with myself. This is because She is a kind and considerate Mistress.

But i know that i cannot expect this as a guarantee. Miss Suzanna decides if and when i am allowed to play with myself and if and when i am allowed to orgasm. She may limit such opportunities to me simply so as to keep me on my toes. Alternatively, the number of opportunities may be reduced as a punishment for failure or misbehaviour, or maintained or even increased as a reward for exceptionally good behaviour.

She may order me to play with myself, but I don’t know if She will allow me a full release, or, even if i am allowed a full orgasm, whether more pain will immediately follow.

Miss Suzanna owns me, and it is Her decision.

i am grateful for whatever moments of pleasure She may grant me.

i am ordered onto the bed to touch myself.

She always reminds me how pathetic and useless my cock is; The only orgasms i will ever have are those that Miss Suzanna allows.

i play with myself, and then She orders me to stop. i am in anguish. She then orders me to re-start. This stopping and starting happens many times. i long to be allowed to complete, but Miss Suzanna continually stops me and taunts me.

That may be all that happens, and Miss Suzanna may order me to stop and get dressed, or decide to beat me.

If She allows me to continue and i start to come, She may allow me to come to full release. or She may decide to order me to remove my hand so my pathetic cock merely oozes cum. If i don’t move my hand quickly enough, She knocks it aside. i am distraught, but it is always Miss Suzanna’s decision whether i am to be permitted to enjoy a proper orgasm. I must never expect one as a right. i have no rights.

If i am allowed to come freely, Miss Suzanna immediately grabs my sensitive cock and wanks me viciously for several minutes – the only time She deigns to touch the disgusting piece of flesh. i cry for mercy. She reminds me that it is always Her decision whether i am permitted to enjoy an orgasm. She then beats my sensitive cock with one of Her implements. . She then orders me quickly to get out of the bed and to bend over. She then beats my bottom and thighs whilst i am still in the after-glow of orgasm

Miss Suzanna owns me. my purpose in life is to give pleasure to my Mistress. Miss Suzanna gets most pleasure from inflicting pain and humiliation on me. i am owned and controlled by Her, and i accept whatever She does to me. This is my life. She is my life. Thank you, Miss Suzanna.

slave mushroom

June 16 2016