11Apr 2020

The best chastity cage for long distance keyholding


It has come to My attention that a new male chastity cage is now available that doesn’t need a key to unlock it. Instead, I can lock your tiny cock up in a chastity cage and, if you earn a release, unlock it using My phone. This is going to make keyholding, particularly if you’re not able to attend sessions with Me in person, that much more accessible and far more challenging for you. Why is that you may ask. Well, there will be no need to keep a spare key that will tempt you into unlocking yourself without permission anymore.

This incredible new chastity device is called the Cellmate and it’s manufactured by the relatively new company Qiui. Since the company formed they’ve focused their time developing this bluetooth chastity cage and the results are brilliant.

The Cellmate is a polycarbonate cage that’s lightweight, strong and the battery contained in the device is long lasting. It will last for at least 8-10 months before it needs to be replaced and has a built in safe guard which unlocks it when the battery gets low so you can change it. The cage has a soft outer cover, so it’s very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. If you’re going to be locked for months at a time for me, you’ll do so in relative comfort. That’s until I start teasing you, but that’s the right type of pain that you crave so dearly.

The kit comes with 2 rings, which gives you the opportunity to try the different sizes before your cock is locked away for me. It also comes with a handy guide that will help you get started using the cage via bluetooth on your Android or iOS phone.

If you’re not lucky enough to have My latex or lingerie clad body towering over you in some sky high heels as you beg on your knees to be released from your chastity cage during a session at My private Manchester play space, the next best thing is to serve me from a distance by locking up your cock and sending Me the key. As your keyholder I’ll have full control over your orgasms and your devout servitude will not go unnoticed.

The best thing about the Cellmate, available now at, is the ability to transfer control of the lock to My phone. I can unlock you at any time from anywhere. It goes without saying that any unlock must be earnt. Failure to do as you’re told and the days you’re going to be locked will increase. With most cock cages you’d need to send Me the key in the post. This can take days, and it also takes time to send the key back to you once your predetermined lock up time comes to an end. This new device removes the need for this completely.

Once you have the kit set up on your phone I can take over as your keyholder in minutes. All you need to do is buy the cage and, once our agreement is discussed and agreed for the length of your lock up, send me a friend request via the app. As soon as I accept it you can assign me as your keyholder and from that moment on I’ll be the only person who can unlock your cock.

What are you waiting for? You can get one of these chastity cages at House of Denial, a company located in the UK but they ship worldwide. To discuss chastity keyholding or to book a session you can contact me here.