I returned to Miss Suzanna’s a week after my failure to orgasm the previous week.

Mistress greeted me with warmth.

She asked me if I was going to manage to cum today. Since last week, I had gone another 7 days without release, making it now 15 days since I had been last permitted to orgasm.

I replied I was confident I would not let my Mistress down again.

Miss Suzanna reminded me that as part of my essential training to be worthy of being collared, she would be kicking my balls today.

She graciously gave me the choice of whether I wanted to receive the kicks before or after my orgasm.

What a dilemma! Spoil the afterglow of an orgasm by having my balls kicked? Or not to be able to orgasm because I was in agony from the pain in my balls? Helpfully, Miss Suzanna said if I received the kicking before the orgasm, my balls would be full, which would help to cushion me.

Notwithstanding that helpful advice from my Mistress, I opted to have the attempted orgasm first.

But firstly, I had to be caned and whipped.

I was ordered onto to spanking bench. Today, Miss Suzanna was not going to tie me down. It would be a test for me to remain in position whilst I received the 31 blows.

Miss Suzanna hit; I counted aloud. 31 times. With some pauses whilst I struggled with the pain.

After she had finished, Miss Suzanna admired her work. She loves to see the bruises and marks, and caresses them on my bottom. I revel in her touch and the fact that I have submitted to her. She shows me the marks, and I am delighted. It is a privilege to be marked by my Mistress and for those marks to last for several days. Miss Suzanna took photographs.

I knew that another element of essential training to the collaring which I sought is forced bi, and that I would need to practice sucking a dildo. I didn’t know that this was my next task. But it was not any dildo. It was Miss Suzanna’s strapon. That was an honour! She put on her strapon, and sat on her throne. She ordered me to my knees and told me to start sucking. I tenderly licked my Mistress’s strapon. Miss Suzanna warned me a few times if my teeth were too evident, but said I had done a surprisingly good job. She then told me to wank her strapon. Maybe next time it will be a real cock?

I was then told to lie on the bed. I was ordered to wank myself, but forbidden to come. How can I stop myself when my Mistress is standing there, looking divine. After 1 minute I was told to stop. After a pause, I was told to start again, but forbidden to come. 3 times that happened

Then Miss Suzanna said she would take over. I had 30 seconds to come. With one hand she wanked my cock, and the other hand caressed me. It was wonderful. I was so grateful to my Mistress. I came in 11 seconds!!

I was then ordered off the bed and told to kneel on the spanking bench. I thought Miss Suzanna was going to remove her boots, but she kept them on. I waited, knowing I could trust my Mistress. She counted 3,2,1 and then kicked me in the balls. It wasn’t too bad. 3,2,1 and she kicked again. The pain!! I collapsed to the floor. Miss Suzanna laughed. After allowing me a brief pause, she ordered me back in position. 3,2,1 and kick. 3,2,1 and kick, And again I collapsed and she laughed.

Miss Suzanna briefly hugged me and congratulated me. I got dressed and left after a wonderful time.

slave mushroom

August 11 2016