Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Manchester Mistress – Etiquette


etiquette2Be aware I am highly selective with whom I share My time. I much prefer profound and long standing D/s relationships to casual play. Loyalty and devotion will lead to the most intense and inspirational sessions with My play toys, I respect limits, and safe words will always be in place. Whether you are a complete novice or a well trained obedient submissive, I am more than happy to show you the way and unleash your darkest desires. My background of sophistication and spirituality leads to My ability to create a variety of sadistic scenarios crafted for each individual’s needs. I am a perfectionist, and I expect others to try also to extend themselves and submit to My demands. Respect is an integral rule when playing, manners  are also imperative and, if I feel they do not exact My high expectations, I shall delight in teaching you the correct way to address and behave around a lady.

Loving the finest and most elegant things in life, I expect My submissives to ensure that I shall never have to wait long to receive them. I relish My Female Superiority and the way you will offer me your body and mind for Me to use and control. It won’t take long in My captivating presence before you will freely and gladly accept the warmth and comfort of being owned and controlled by Me, and for Me to enjoy the delights of inflicting pain and pleasure on you, and, as time goes by, you will be evermore entrapped for our play to get evermore serious.


you are a mere male
you need to be dominated
your purpose in life is to serve
you will to do anything
you exist to give  pleasure
you want to be teased and tormented by the untouchable
you must be beaten
you will always obey
you will forever be owned

by ME