After a brief conversation (no tea this time) Mistress ordered me onto the spanking bench.
She expertly tied my thighs, legs and wrists though only after ordering me to move forward so my arms will fully stretched.
i knew i was going to get more than my usual 31 blows. i had suffered penalties during the preceding week. Twice from ruined orgasms that had not been allowed.
I should explain that Mistress orders me to masturbate myself 3 times a day for 10 minutes. But i mustn’t come. This edging teaches me orgasm control and gives Mistress the pleasure of denying me an orgasm. my thoughts during the edging are of course solely about my Mistress. But twice in the preceding week i had failed! i didn’t stop myself in time, and pathetically orgasmed. i had tried to stop it by removing my hand, but too late! The evidence was on my body. Fortunately, since i had removed my hand, the orgasm was ruined by me, and wasn’t in any way pleasurable. That of course pleased Mistress, but the orgasm itself merited penalties. Though Mistress was appreciative that i had immediately confessed.
So today i would receive 69 blows.
Mistress selected several different implements, paddle, 2 different canes and a whip. i knew she also had her beloved bullwhip at hand.

Mistress started with a paddle. i as usual had to count the blows. Mistress videoed these first 10 and has since posted it on Twitter.
After a brief pause, Mistress chose a cane and continued the treatment. She took delight in caning the same part of my bottom over and over again.
She paused only to admire Her handiwork and caress the marks She had inflicted.
She reached 50. i knew the bullwhip was still to come.
That left a further 19 with the bullwhip. i was relieved when i finally counted “69”.
Mistress admired Her work, caressed Her marks and said i’d been a “good boy”.
i was so thankful to Mistress for using me for Her pleasure. It makes me feel so good when She gets pleasure from giving me pain. i receive the pain and it is for Her, Mistress. A wonderful sense of on the one hand giving to Her and on the other hand recognising that She owns me.

But for the next part of O/our session, Mistress had said She would be doing something different to me. i was released from the spanking bench and ordered to lie on the bed. Mistress stood over me.
She ordered me to masturbate for 1 minute without coming. She stood over me, looking beautiful, saying things to encourage me.
She looked at her watch and ordered me to stop. She then said how She would leave me, grabbed my cock hard and smacked it, ensuring my hard-on rapidly went.
She then ordered me to masturbate again.
This continued 5 times, with the only variation being that she sometimes took delight in destroying my hard-on by grabbing and squeezing my balls.
After the 5th such ruined hard-on, she gave me 30 seconds to masturbate to come. In spite of the fact that it was 8 days since my last allowed orgasm, I failed.
Mistress was disgusted.
She then said i should masturbate for 3 more minutes, and could come. But i would have to ruin it by removing my hand as i was getting ready to come and then eat the mess.
i again masturbated. But the pressure was too great, and i failed again.
Mistress was furious.
She got her cane and hit my pathetic cock 10 times.
She then ordered me to get dressed and go. She went to sit down and looked at her phone.
i ashamedly got dressed. i looked at Mistress, but She ignored me. And, destroyed, i left.

slave mushroom

August 4 2016