How did it start?

W/we met, and i just knew She was the One. i didn’t consciously know i was submissive, but Miss Suzanna was perceptive and She could tell. She was so beautful and intelligent; a young petite lady with long blonde hair and a perfect figure. It would be fun to “let” her dominate me.

At first, i suppose it was just a little beating. And just buy Her some perfume that she said she liked. Then she would order me to buy her a dress and some shoes; then some pink champagne and more shoes. Then more beatings with whips and canes and buying her more and more gifts.

Of course there was the humiliation of my tiny cock. It was useless, never able to get hard. Miss Suzanna continually humiliated me for my inadequacy; my pathetic, useless cock. i was worthless. She would order me to play with myself. At first, i was hopeless. And was incapable of staying hard

Now, as time has gone by through many more beatings, more humiliations, and many many more gifts, i know that i am worthless and useless. Miss Suzanna has given me a purpose in life — to serve Her. The only sex i am allowed is when She orders me to masturbate myself to orgasm. Now i succeed in coming quickly. It is Her decision whether She will allow me to come. If i do, i must eat it.

i am owned by Miss Suzanna. i do what She tells me to do.

How will it progress?

slave mushroom

May 26 2016