i give myself to You. Or i say “Use me, beat me”.

How dare i presume to tell You what to do.

You have told me enough times that i am merely Your worthless slave. You own me. i am Your property. You have the right to do anything You choose to me.

You use me at Your will. It is Your right to use me or ignore me. And You know that there is nothing that would make me suffer more than if You ignored me. i am a slave. You are my life. i have no purpose without You.

i am grateful when You use me. When You allow me to buy You beautiful expensive things. When You whip me and mark me. When You fuck me and penetrate me.i am grateful and pay for the privilege.

i am grateful if You give me your champagne. And i will be grateful when You use my body to experiment on – electro sex, sounding, branding.

i am Your slave.

It is Your right to use me in whatever way gives You pleasure.

i am grateful.

slave mushroom

July 21 2016