i told Mistress that i was in a state of body and mind that i could be teased.
Mistress was not pleased. She said it was not for me to whine and whinge. She would determine what should or should not happen.

A while later She said we would play a game.
i had 15 minutes. i should get erect without touching myself. my Mistress would then destroy the erection. This would happen twice. If i got erect a third time, i would be permitted to touch myself to orgasm in the remaining time. But my promised orgasm in 4 days time would no longer be permitted.

i agreed to play.
i lay naked on the bed. Mistress lay clothed next to me. Mistress kindly allowed me not to have to wear a blindfold. i could look at my beautiful Mistress. i was told to sit on my hands
Mistress talked sexily to me. Although unable to touch myself, my cock soon got hard. Mistress touched it to confirm it was hard, and then She started to squeeze it hard and to smack it, and then to grab and squeeze my balls. i yelped in pain. Mistress told me to shut up, and continued until my erection was killed.
Mistress then resumed her sexy talk and inevitably i got hard again. Again She attacked my erect cock and balls until She was happy that my cock was again soft.
She then started talking sexily again. i was getting hard. She checked, but said it was not fully hard. She said i needed to hurry up if i was going to have time to masturbate. She finally ruled i was again erect.
She gave me the go ahead to masturbate, warning me that i only had 5 minutes.
She then proceeded to sit above my face. i could see her flimsy white knickers. Mistress then sat firmly on my face and it was a struggle to breath. Mistress spoke of her inviting body and how it was so close to me but that I would never have it. I wanked. Mistress said there was only 4 minutes left.
Mistress continued to taunt me saying She was so desirable. I moaned. And i wanked furiously. 3 minutes left.
Mistress continued to deny me, but then She said She would show me her body after I came. I was trying to hold on until the last few seconds, but the prospect of seeing my Mistress made it impossible. With 2 minutes to go, i came with relief.
My first orgasm, apart from the previous day’s ruined orgasm for 18 days.
What a lovely game!
Mistress threw some tissues and told me to clean up my mess. When She came back into the room, I was expecting her to invite me to look at her body, but She laughed cruelly and said it was just a joke.
She said that orgasms for me were now off the menu until further notice.

slave mushroom

July 27 2016