My Mistress lets me in. She looks radiant. Her hair has been beautifully curled.

She is very happy because she is going on holiday the next day. She is also smiling because she has a surprise for me. She asks me to guess. I guess that it is a second Mistress. But no, it is the house bitch!

I can’t say I am thrilled. I am nervous. Mistress had said for some time that she expects me to submit to a forced bi session as an essential step towards earning to be collared.

Mistress asks if I had taken my viagra. But I had misunderstood her earlier instructions and not taken a tablet. We both know that my cock will therefore be its usual pathetically small.

I follow her into her chambers, my heart beating.

We go into the room. The house bitch is already there. Bearded, wearing a maid’s short dress and sporting a huge erection.

Mistress orders me to remove my clothes and kneel on the kneeling stool. She ties my legs and arms.

I know that I am going to suffer more than my normal 31 blows because I had failed my Mistress during the previous week. I am ordered to edge 3 times a day, 10 minutes each time. But I had failed a few days earlier. There had been a seepage of cum. I hadn’t enjoyed a proper orgasm. That would have been a much more severe punishment. The orgasm was ruined. So I only have a £50 fine plus extra whipping and caning.

Mistress shocks me by first whipping my balls 3 times. I am so shocked I don’t count. She switches to the cane and starts caning my bottom. She soon gets into her stride and I am feeling the pain. Bearly aware of the house bitch, I am whimpering.

Mistress has no intention of stopping. She encourages me by telling me to say after each blow lands “I must not fail”. And she counts.

After 20, she exchanges the cane for the 2 delightful whips I bought for her at Sexhibition. I continue saying “I must not fail” through gritted teeth and Mistress counts. Saying the words helped me get through it.

We pass 31, and move onwards

She now uses her bullwhip on me. I don’t know when it is going to stop. Will it be 50. No. 51 is reached.

We reach 62 and she stops.

But then she starts scratching my back really hard, marking it with an “S”. it is very painful, but it is for me to submit to my Mistress and accept what she does to me. She pauses. I think that is the end. But no. Mistress is admiring her marks. She asks me what she is marking on my back, and I guessed correctly that it is an “S”. She resumes. More pain.

But now it is time for me to perform in front of my Mistress with the house bitch. She orders him forward from the corner of the room. She orders me to kneel in front of him.

I am expected to begin. She had given me a lesson a few weeks earlier with her Strapon, but this is a real live and very erect cock. I take it in my mouth. Initially there is a salty taste. Then I start sucking. Mistress tells me to wank it while I’m sucking it. It is so big!! I can’t imagine how girls can handle large cocks. I don’t get all of it in my mouth. Mistress asks the house bitch if I am the worst cock sucker he has ever had, and he politely says no.

I hope that he doesn’t get to come because I’m not sure I could handle that.

After a while, Mistress orders us to change position. He goes on his knees. My cock is very very small. The house bitch gets to work on it. And it feels nice. Mistress is standing in front of me, looking me in the eye. And down below I have this lovely sensation. It was fabulous! I look at my adorable Mistress.

After a while Mistress orders the house bitch to stop, thanks him and tells him to leave.

Mistress was delighted!

She orders me back on the kneeling stool and happily gives me another 31 blows, ending with 6 blows of the cane.

We parted both in good spirits.

Thank you, Mistress

slave mushroom

September 8 2016