i arrived, full of excitement and nervousness. my first session with Miss Suzanna and Her female prosub.
How would it go? Miss Suzanna had explained that there was no way i would be permitted to do anything to the sub. It would be all about humiliating me and recognising me for what i am – nothing.

W/w/we exchanged pleasantries and Miss Suzanna introduced us – “rabbit, mushroom; mushroom, rabbit” Miss Suzanna looked gorgeous. i was ordered to go into the adjoining room, remove my clothes and wait in the required position.

i didn’t have long to contemplate my place as i saw 2 pairs of legs enter the bedroom. 1 pair of shoes approached me, and i reverentially kissed Mistress’ shoes.
Mistress pointed out my red thighs to rabbit. “Tell rabbit why they are red”. “i was disobedient”. “Tell her how”. i released 3 times without permission”, i said shamefaced. rabbit looked suitably horrified. “And i hit his thighs – fresh meat” Miss Suzanna added.

i was instructed to go onto the bed and lie on my back. i clambered on obediently and as quickly as possible. “Hurry up, old man”.

i knew what was going to happen. Miss Suzanna has always said my cock is the tiniest She has ever seen and that i am pathetic and useless as a man. i know this is true. She is always right. She was going to staple my cock. “It only needs 1 staple”, Miss laughingly told rabbit.
i lay back to take whatever Miss does. She actually put in 4 staples so as to complete the job thoroughly. “What does it remind you of”, Miss asks rabbit. “A vagina” replies rabbit.
i accept i’m not a man. This is how i have to be with 2 Women.
Miss Suzanna puts on Her harness and purple cock. She stands next to me. Her, young and beautiful with a cock. And me, old and repulsive with a mangina. She is the one who can penetrate whatever She chooses. me, useless.

She then inserts a butt plug into rabbit.

Miss Suzanna now orders me to lie on my back with my head at the foot of the bed.

And She tells rabbit to bend over me, her pussy just above my eyes. And then i see Mistress’ purple cock approaching. She enters the vagina. rabbit sighs. Miss Suzanna gets into a rhythm as She fucks. i am inches away. i long to lick or to kiss the pussy, but i know i must not. i must lie there, just looking. To look, but knowing i cannot participate, knowing i am not a man, knowing i am just an object.

Miss Suzanna drives Her cock fully inside rabbit’s pussy. And She holds it there, filling rabbit. i wish it were my hole that beloved Mistress was entering. But it was rabbit who was moaning. Miss Suzanna resumed fucking in and out. i lay there. i looked up and i saw beloved Mistress’ face looking down smiling. i could feel my restrained cock trying to stir itself. But it had nowhere to go. i lay there. Miss Suzanna had again stopped at Her deepest penetration. rabbit moaned with pleasure.
Miss Suzanna then climbed off.

She brought a stool forward and told me to sit on it. She told rabbit to lie in her back. And brought Her doxy over. She sat astride rabbit and turned the doxy on.
i watched spellbound as She played the doxy up and down rabbit’s pussy lips.
Miss Suzanna said to me. “Do you know what this is? A pussy”. And “do you know where her clit is?”

She explained to rabbit that it had been a long time since mushroom last saw a pussy. i hung my head in shame.
Miss Suzanna moved the doxy up and down. The pussy was glistening. rabbit was whimpering. Miss Suzanna added Her precious spit and toyed with rabbit’s clit.
I sat there knowing i was a helpless prisoner. Not tied up, other than my stapled cock. But knowing it was not for so worthless a being to get involved in what was going on.
Miss Suzanna turned up the power. She adjusted Her position so She was sitting over rabbit’s face. rabbit could smell Mistress. She could now kiss (clothed) Miss Suzanna. rabbit was in paradise. i moved my hands. But there was no cock for me to play with. i could only passively place my hands on my thighs. i had no sex. i was a eunuch.
rabbit was moaning. Mistress was moving the doxy onto the sub’s clit. rabbit asked for permission to come. And Mistress graciously allowed Her sub’s orgasm. i sat on the stool, useless.

There was more to my humiliation.

Mistress put Her harness onto my head and then blindfolded me.
i can’t tell you what happened then. i could only hear but not see. There was lots of female moaning and gasping. Again, i was helpless and useless. Denied and unnecessary.

At the end B/both ladies looked very happy.

Mistress told me to go onto the bed, and kindly removed the staples. She said how disgusting that there was pre-cum.

Mistress then reminded me how to thank Her. i went on my knees and kisses Her toes. They were gorgeous in beautiful sparkly silver nail varnish.

What an amazing time!

Mistress showed me that i am useless and pathetic. i hope i helped Her enjoyment and gave Her pleasure by this proof of how worthless i am and always will be.