i arrived at Miss Suzanna’s new premises with some trepidation.

She let me in discretely. We were in a small darkly-lit reception area but i could see that Miss Suzanna looked stunning..

After a brief greeting and chat, W/we got some tea some tea, and She led me upstairs to Her well-fitted dungeon.

She sat in the only chair. i looked expectantly, and Miss Suzanna pointed to a tiny stool with legs no more than one inch high! i sat down tentatively, wondering if i would manage to get up off it! i looked up at my Mistress,

W/we chatted and drank O/our tea.

Miss Suzanna then ordered me to get undressed. i asked where i should put my clothes, and Miss Suzanna pointed to the floor.

i stood naked in front of Mistress. Miss Suzanna often tells me how tiny and pathetic my cock is. Again, She told me “I have never seen a cock as small as yours” i am always humiliated by Her.

Then Miss Suzanna ordered me to kneel on the spanking bench with my arms forward. She tied me firmly by my wrists, thighs and legs. She went behind me and picked up Her beloved bullwhip.

Miss Suzanna always hits me with 31 blows which i must count aloud.

On this occasion, Miss Suzanna used a different technique to whip me from previous times. The fiercest blows struck me viciously on my side. They hurt terribly. i counted obediently. i know Miss Suzanna always gets a thrill when She strikes me a blow that clearly hurts. i am happy that She is thrilled.

When it was over, i was gasping with the pain. Miss Suzanna said “good boy”, and then, unusually, came over to my aching body and hugged me. She is a very caring Mistress.

She then took time to admire Her work, tracing the marks and bruises on my body. These caresses are always a wonderful experience for me. She then took photographs of me, and then, with a clever use of the adjacent mirror, took photographs of Her standing over my marked body.

She then went behind me, and i heard a rustling noise. She then came closer, and i felt her applying lube to my arsehole. She then placed Her strapon at the entrance, and soon entered me, and started thrusting in and out. It is wonderful being penetrated by your Mistress. And it was wonderful being able to see in the mirror what She was doing to me.

She removed the strapon and untied me from the spanking bench. She laid a towel on the floor and ordered me to lie on my back on the towel. i now knew why She was drinking that tea, She put a blindfold over my eyes because it was not for me to see such an intimate performance. The first few drops went into a glass, and then Her champagne flowed first onto my chest, and then onto my face and into my eager open mouth. When She had finished, She ordered me to get up and stood over me while i drank from the glass.

i went for a shower, and, when i returned to the dungeon, She tied a black leather collar round my neck, and attached a lead. She then led me round the different rooms of the well-appointed chambers. In one of the other dungeons there was a small cage, She ordered me onto my knees and to crawl into the cage. She closed the door. She sat on a chair, and ordered me to lower my gaze so that i didn’t look at Her. She then left me for a few minutes.

On Her return, She led me into a corridor. She ordered me to raise my arms and She tied my wrists to a metal bar. She blindfolded me. i was on display. One of the other Mistresses was passing. Miss Suzanna invited Her to do whatever She wished to me. The other Mistress spat on my face.

i was untied and the blindfold was removed. i was then led back into the original dungeon.

Miss Suzanna ordered me to get dressed. I thanked Mistress for a wonderful session. And She showed me out of the premises.

Thank you, Miss Suzanna.

slave mushroom

July 7 2016