i am a slave owned by Miss Suzanna. She owns and controls my body, my mind and my soul. She owns all my possessions. She uses me. i have no rights. i exist solely for Her pleasure.

Miss Suzanna beats me and fucks my arse. Miss Suzanna controls my orgasms.

My pathetic tiny cock is useless

Increasingly, Miss Suzanna will deny me orgasms. i am only allowed to orgasm if and when Miss Suzanna allows me or orders me to. Whether i am allowed to obtain any pleasure from the orgasm is entirely Miss Suzanna’s decision.   i have no right to expect that She will grant me permission to achieve release. The gap between permitted orgasms will get longer. And most of the orgasms i am permitted will be ruined or immediately followed by a beating. Increasingly, as my orgasms become rarer, Miss Suzanna will provide release by milking my prostate. This will give me no pleasure.

But I am constantly on edge in the hope that my good behaviour will influence Miss Suzanna to grant me pleasure, to achieve my own orgasm. Such are the prizes I seek.

But the only certainties are that Miss Suzanna will beat me and fuck me. My cock will either be taped down as unused or, if not taped, will be available to be squeezed, smacked, whipped or caned.

slave mushroom

June 2 2016