I arrived with expectation to see Miss Suzanna. She had told me to take viagra before I left home.

After the usual formalities, I was ordered to strip and kneel on the kneeling stall

I always receive a minimum of 31 blows with a variety of implements. Always the cane, and frequently with Miss Suzanna’s favourite bullwhip.

She ties my legs. My hands are free. She starts with the cane. I obediently count after each blow. After the 5th one, I raise the upper half of my body in anguish at the pain. Miss Suzanna knows I am pathetic and weak. I turn to her pleading. She has a glint in her eye, and she laughs. She orders me back down.

The blows and the counting continue.

Again with anguish and pleading from me, and a firm command from Miss Suzanna to resume my position.

As it gets in the mid twenties, I know (or hope) it is only a few more.

Miss Suzanna pauses and moves away. She is changing implements. She now has her beloved bullwhip in her hand. My head bows. It is not the blow itself with the bullwhip. The sting is in the tail as it catches you on your side and cuts into your flesh.

I count “31”, and mercifully Miss Suzanna stops at that point. There had been no infringements by me that required further blows and Miss Suzanna didn’t purely for her own pleasure determine that I should receive extra blows today.

Miss Suzanna unstraps me from the kneeling stool and orders me to lie on my back on the “bed”.

She puts on her black latex gloves. I know that that means she is going to do something she rarely deigns to do. To touch my cock.

But she orders me to wank to get myself hard.

She then goes to the table and brings her sounding equipment. Now I realise why she had told me to take a viagra. It was to get and stay hard for urethral sounding. Something I’d read about but never had done to me before. I’m worried, but I know that I am safe in Miss Suzanna’s hands. If she wanted to do it to me, I would do it for her. I happily submit to my Mistress. Of course, I have no choice. When Miss Suzanna orders, I obey without complaint.

She blindfolds me, saying it would be better for me if I didn’t watch my cock being penetrated. I feel the cold metal enter me. And it goes down further. It does not hurt. Miss Suzanna says “well done”. She moves the sound up and down. I give to my Mistress. She penetrates me. As is her right.

Miss Suzanna takes off the blindfold and I watch with fascination. She takes out the sound. It had been the smallest one. She puts in the next size. And again penetrates me. Up and down. I give to my Mistress. She puts the next 2 sizes in too.

Miss Suzanna says I was “a very good boy”, and was “quite impressed” with me.

As a reward she masturbates my cock for a few moments. Not to release of course because I am as ever under orgasm denial, but enough edging to be a very lovely reward from my kind Mistress.

She stops and orders me to get up and get dressed.

She again says I’ve been “a very good boy”. I leave feeling 10 feet tall!!

Thank you, Miss Suzanna for my first urethral sounding and my next step in proving myself your devoted slave.


October 27 2016