i am owned and controlled by Miss Suzanna. She uses me as She wishes.

Between the pain and humiliation, Miss Suzanna grants me moments of pleasure as and when She sees fit.

Orgasms for me are entirely at my Mistress’s discretion.

She may message me between appointments to allow me to play with myself for a certain limited amount of time, and/or she may allow me time when we meet and order me to play with myself. This is because She is a kind and considerate Mistress.

But i know that i cannot expect this as a guarantee. Miss Suzanna decides if and when i am allowed to play with myself and if and when i am allowed to orgasm. She may limit such opportunities to me simply so as to keep me on my toes. Alternatively, the number of opportunities may be reduced as a punishment for failure or misbehaviour, or maintained or even increased as a reward for exceptionally good behaviour.

She may order me to play with myself, but I don’t know if She will allow me a full release, or, even if i am allowed a full orgasm, whether more pain will immediately follow.

Miss Suzanna owns me, and it is Her decision.

i am grateful for whatever moments of pleasure She may grant me.

i am ordered onto the bed to touch myself.

She always reminds me how pathetic and useless my cock is; The only orgasms i will ever have are those that Miss Suzanna allows.

i play with myself, and then She orders me to stop. i am in anguish. She then orders me to re-start. This stopping and starting happens many times. i long to be allowed to complete, but Miss Suzanna continually stops me and taunts me.

That may be all that happens, and Miss Suzanna may order me to stop and get dressed, or decide to beat me.

If She allows me to continue and i start to come, She may allow me to come to full release. or She may decide to order me to remove my hand so my pathetic cock merely oozes cum. If i don’t move my hand quickly enough, She knocks it aside. i am distraught, but it is always Miss Suzanna’s decision whether i am to be permitted to enjoy a proper orgasm. I must never expect one as a right. i have no rights.

If i am allowed to come freely, Miss Suzanna immediately grabs my sensitive cock and wanks me viciously for several minutes – the only time She deigns to touch the disgusting piece of flesh. i cry for mercy. She reminds me that it is always Her decision whether i am permitted to enjoy an orgasm. She then beats my sensitive cock with one of Her implements. . She then orders me quickly to get out of the bed and to bend over. She then beats my bottom and thighs whilst i am still in the after-glow of orgasm

Miss Suzanna owns me. my purpose in life is to give pleasure to my Mistress. Miss Suzanna gets most pleasure from inflicting pain and humiliation on me. i am owned and controlled by Her, and i accept whatever She does to me. This is my life. She is my life. Thank you, Miss Suzanna.

slave mushroom

June 16 2016