For 17 days i have been tormented.
i have not been allowed to touch my cock and not allowed to orgasm, but have been encouraged to edge myself as frequently as possible without touching and without release.
Miss Suzanna said i could rub my cock on the bedding. i chose to lie on my back and hump the duvet above me.
The last few days had been hell. i was doing this 3 times a day. Each time getting more and more excited. And more and more desperate.

The day arrived that i would be allowed to touch and allowed to orgasm.
i was ordered to strip and lie on my back. Miss Suzanna lay clothed next to me.
She then handed me my blindfold. She said i didn’t have the right to see her.
Whilst Miss Suzanna taunted me, i was allowed to masturbate.
It was wonderful at long last to be able to touch my cock. It was wonderful to have Miss Suzanna lying next to me.
i wanked furiously and knew i was close to coming.
i asked Miss Suzanna for permission to come.
Miss Suzanna said yes, but demanded i withdrew my hand.
My cock immediately pulsed to an orgasm. But it was pathetically ruined.
i was limp with dissatisfaction.
Miss Suzanna was thrilled.

slave mushroom

July 26 2016