My Mistress’s latest form of orgasm control for me is to allow me to touch myself for 10 minutes twice a day. I can edge myself but not cum.

I always do preparations for playing with myself. I draw the curtains of my bedroom and put on the bedside lamp. I rapidly undress and then put on deodorant, body spray and aftershave as if I was seeing my Mistress. I then spray her perfume on my pillow and on some sampling sticks. I bring her photos to the bed. And then I set the timer on my phone alarm to 10 minutes.

I can then start. Holding the photos with one hand and kissing them. And touching my cock with the other hand. All the time thinking of my Mistress. What she would do to me. And what I am never allowed to do to her.

The first few days went fine and it was lovely thinking of and looking at my Mistress.

But on Saturday evening, it became very difficult. I was soon hard and on the verge of coming. As much as I wanted to continue touching, I had to stop to take away the tension.
I started again and within a few seconds I was again desperate to come.
Then I saw what I thought was pre-cum. It was a white slime coming out of me. I stopped touching immediately. There was damp on my body, and I realised it was a ruined orgasm.
Horrified, I stopped the edging and started eating the wet filth on my body.

I decided I would have my first Sunday play first thing. It was my Mistress’s birthday.
I went through the same preparations and started wanking. Again, I was soon desperate to come. I took my hand away, but after a while had to re-start.
Again, the white slime came out of my cock. I kept looking and my cock was helplessly pulsing but, thankfully, nothing more came out of it.
I knew I couldn’t touch any more, or I would have exploded into full orgasm. Thankfully, my phone rang that my 10 minutes was up.

I hope my Mistress is kind and understanding. And that she appreciates that although something came out of me, it was only a ruined orgasm.

I know that I am only permitted a proper orgasm if and when she gives permission. I say “proper”. That is proper for me. That means at my own hands. A normal man, a real man would have a proper orgasm when having sex with a woman and would come inside her pussy. I know that my Mistress totally forbids that. It will never be allowed.

slave mushroom

July 30 2016