Miss Suzanna ordered me to undress. As i was doing so, She ordered me to hurry.

When i was naked, She looked at me with repugnance. Fat with a tiny cock. Although She remarked it was hard.

i immediately got into greeting position, lying prostrate on the floor, palms upwards, and kissed Her shoes. i was delighted that She was wearing peep shoes, and i could kiss Her beautiful toes with red painted nails.

Mistress ordered me to stop, and ordered me to go to the St Andrews Cross, facing it with my back and bottom exposed. She rapidly tied me to the Cross.

i had seen that She had her new one tailed whip and quirt ready for action. Initially, Miss Suzanna warmed me up with her paddle.

Only after that was i ordered to start counting.

She started using the quirt. It hurt. i was pathetic. i kept moaning and trying to twist in my ties. i know i am useless. Miss Suzanna knows i am weak. Thankfully it reached 31. Miss Suzanna untied me. W/we both knew. i was a failure.

As i walked from the Cross to the Spanking Bench, Miss Suzanna cracked Her whip, first at my back and then at my front. Mistress cracked the whip; i jumped; Miss Suzanna laughed. i kept my hands to protect my cock, leaving my bottom exposed. i hope it raised Mistress’ spirits after my failure on the Cross.

i was ordered to get in position on the Bench. Mistress told me to slide my bottom into position. my thighs were raised and i was tied at my thighs and wrists, leaving me totally exposed. my cock and balls were at the mercy of Miss Suzanna, and, as i would soon realise, so was my arsehole.

Miss Suzanna said i looked repulsive. She started flicking my cock. She then alternated between smacking it and squeezing it. It is of course Her right to do whatever She wants to me. It is my duty to obey and accept. Miss Suzanna reminded me that i am pathetic and weak.

Mistress then lubed my arsehole and inserted a dildo into it. She ordered me to keep the dildo in position. If it fell, She would stick it in my mouth.

Miss Suxanna then took off Her dress and She was wearing delightful red and black underwear.

The dildo slipped out!

Without delay, Miss Suzanna picked it up, ordered me to open my mouth and stuck it in, reminding me where it had been.

She took it out, and reinserted it in my arsehole, again ordering me to retain it.

Miss Suzanna then put on Her strapon. Before She started fucking me, she placed poppers in my nostrils. i breathed in.

Mistress entered me. It is my duty to accept Miss Suzanna’s cock. She first entered me only a little. And then She entered me further and started fucking me hard. How wonderful!! To be fucked by beautiful Mistress. “Take me; use me” i said.

Mistress untied my right hand and ordered me to start playing with my cock. She fucked me vigourously. i responded with my own pathetic thrusts and wanked my tiny cock.

So wonderful that Mistress is using me. She had taken my virgin arsehole some months before, and it is Her right to take me whenever She wants. Yes, fuck me, beloved Mistress.

Miss Suzanna ordered me to come while She fucked my arsehole. Now whilst i love to be submissive and be taken by Miss Suzanna, i have never felt my prostate aroused, and i couldn’t come.

i failed. Miss Suzanna expects me to come when She orders me to. She was not pleased and said She would punish me. “you are not even hard” She said.

She removed Her strapon, and ordered me to come in 3 minutes 1 second.

Another chance to come, but only in a time limit. Beautiful Mistress stood over me whilst i wanked. i played, aware there was a short time and aware that i mustn’t again fail my Mistress. And since i am not allowed to come between sessions, this would be my last chance to come for some time.

i played. Mistress looked at the timer on Her phone. i played with more desperation, looking at Her beauty, longing to obey Her.

10, 9, 8, 7. i so much wanted to come for Mistress. my only thought was to obey Mistress. my own satisfaction was not relevant. It was not to fail Miss Suzanna.

3, 2, 1. i am close, very close.

O please don’t let the time run out, and i would be ordered to stop.

Mistress is kind and understanding. She could see i was close. There was no zero. Seconds later i came.

Mistress was pleased. She smiled, and ordered me to eat my come.

i was happy to have satisfied Miss Suzanna and eagerly ate it.

As She handed me wet wipes to wipe the remainder, She told me that my 3 times a day edging without coming would cease for 7 days. my punishment was that i would not be allowed to touch myself at all. But once a day must think of Her, get hard without touching for 13 minutes. And of course, not come.

Thank you, Miss Suzanna. You own me.

April 10 2017