I want to share my wonderful experience of a recent visit to see the incomparable Miss Suzanna
I had the pleasure of meeting her at her new dungeon premises which has every possible piece of BDSM equipment going, some of them make me shiver just looking at them.

I was greeted by Miss Suzanna’s maid who showed me through to the delightful changing room where MS was sat in an imposing armchair in thigh high boots and a pvc catsuit. Before I even took my coat off I was ordered to kneel at her feet and lick her boots which I did with great energy. As I tried to look up at her I was told in no uncertain terms what would happen to me if I looked at her without her permission. I licked her boots until I was ordered to stop.

I was then ordered to get undressed and into an outfit that MS has prepared for me that consisted of black patent high heels, fishnet tights, a g-string, tight skirt and a low cut blouse- a real slutty look which she seemed to really like. The look was completed by a blonde wig and some bright red lipstick. I felt so hopeless and helpless in this outfit but also massively turned on as I could just not say no to her wishes. She then took me by the hand and led me through the dungeons making me stop so the other mistresses could laugh and humiliate me. She made me introduce myself to each mistress we met as Miss Suzanna’s cum bucket
She made me climb up the stairs walking behind me to look up my skirt and laugh at me as I struggled to climb the stairs in the 4″ heels.

We entered one of the rooms and my heart skipped a beat as MS told me what each piece of equipment was for and what she was going to do to me.
She again made me kneel and made me read out an oath to obey her demands and her every wish which I did with great pleasure and enthusiasm as I felt myself meaning every single word and wanting to give myself to my mistress 100%.

She then made me lie flat on my back as she strapped me to the bench and told me exactly how she was going to fuck me with her strap on . My whole body shook as I saw the reflection of her putting the strap- on on and her telling me what a worthless human being I was and how I was only on the earth to be her play thing and follow her every order. She then forced her cock into my mouth and made me lick her shaft and shoved it to the back of my mouth until I gagged
She lifted my skirt and ripped my tights so she could access my nickers which she pulled aside and expertly slipped her big black cock into me whilst also put a gag into my mouth to stop me squealing like the bitch that I felt.
I felt so incredibly turned on and then when she fed me some poppers I totally lost my mind and was screaming for her to fuck me harder and harder , but of course as I was enjoying it so much to prove she is the regal queen with all the power she stopped and made me beg and whimper like a bitch to start again .
I climaxed with such ferocity that my whole body shook and it took me a good 10 minutes to calm down

I have never had that feeling of utter submission before and was totally under her spell for the duration of the session – I will be back very soon to carry on my training

Miss Suzanna’s cum bucket

September 1st 2016