Mistress was going to Hoxton Dungeon. It was my job to make the arrangements, book the train and arrange restaurants for her stay.

We met at Manchester Piccadilly. I took Mistress’ bags and saw that she was comfortably seated in first class. Then I retired to my seat in standard class. Standard class was pretty crowded, but what was important was that Mistress had a very relaxing and comfortable journey.

On arrival, I took Miss Suzanna’s bags to the taxi queue, and we soon arrived at Hoxton.

Miss Suzanna was greeted by a welcoming Madame Caramel while I stood trying not to get in the way.

After she left, Mistress said she wanted tea. I made it, and took it to her on a silver tray. She was seated on the throne in the dungeon. I handed her the tray and knelt at her feet while she slowly sipped her tea. After she had finished, Miss Suzanna told me to take away the tray, and graciously allowed me to have some tea, standing in the kitchen.

Miss Suzanna then ordered me to unpack her case. She demands that her toiletries are lined up in the bathroom from the smallest to the tallest.

I then waited until Mistress needed me.

She then ordered me to draw her a bath which I dutifully did. And light her a candle in the bathroom.

She gave me a shopping list, and told me, while she was in the bath, to go out onto the Main Street to get some food and toiletries. It was dark and damp out as I went round the shops looking for her items.

After she emerged suitably relaxed from her bath she ordered me into the changing area to get undressed and await her.

I waited on my knees until she was ready and arrived. I then prostrated myself and kissed her boots. After Miss Suzanna was satisfied that I had paid due homage, she ordered me to crawl behind her into the Dungeon.

She ordered me to the kneeling stool where she tied me down.

She chose a one-tailed whip, and started to whip me. I obediently counted. After 20, she switched to the cane. I lay head down, counting and absorbing the pain I take from Miss Suzanna. I am happy that it makes her happy that I suffer. After 31 she thankfully stopped.

But that was my introduction to time in the dungeon at the hands of Mistress. A time of pain for me, interspersed with some pleasure. Mistress is kind. While she thrives on giving pain and humiliation to her slaves and subs, she also allows them a certain amount of pleasure to show that she is in charge; she is the Queen; we are her playthings. I am grateful that someone as wonderful as Miss Suzanna uses a creature as pathetic as me as the canvass for her art.

To be continued………


January 31 2017