Prior to coming to London, knowing her likes and dislikes I had chosen a restaurant for Miss Suzanna in the Hoxton area.

I ordered a taxi for her.

On her return, Miss Suzanna said she had something special for me. She had in her hands a latex hood and magic wand.

She had spoken of locking me in the upright cage that stood in the far corner of the bedroom. She had also spoken of pleasuring herself.

It was clear I was going to be tormented in some way.

She ordered me to get undressed and to put on the hood. I’m not a fan of latex hoods. Firstly, they are so difficult to put on. Then they are so tight and uncomfortable. But an order from Mistress is an order, and I struggled manfully (!) to obey Her.

Miss Suzanna told me to go into the cage. She then blindfolded me, locked me in the cage and tied my hands to the bars.

I wasn’t happy at being confined, and I was sad that, while Mistress was allowing me to stay in the same room, I was imprisoned and would see nothing.

There was a TV next to the cage and Miss Suzanna turned it on, reducing my ability to hear as well as see and move.

Miss Suzanna then left me.

The next thing I knew was the low hum of the magic wand.

I could only imagine that Mistress had undressed and was lying on the bed in front of me and using the wand.

I then heard her voice softly saying that no man could satisfy her like a magic wand does. Telling me I was hopeless and useless.

Mistress always tells me I am pathetic and useless. I know I am. But now I was locked away and unseeing, and Mistress was enjoying herself. Never would I see her in such an intimate way. Never would I touch her in so intimate way. Such delights are forever denied a beta sub like me.

I now could hear her sighs and her moans. I wanted to see. I wanted to touch myself. I wanted to touch Mistress. Her moans got louder. As Miss Suzanna got more and more excited, I got more and more frustrated…….

To be continued………..


January 31 2017