After releasing me from the stand-up cage, Miss Suzanna dismissed me saying she was going to watch tv and then go to sleep.

Around the Suite, there were bells for Mistress to ring to summon Her slave, and Miss Suzanna said She would ring for me when She needed me.

I retired to my “bed”. It was the cage in the dungeon. Miss Suzanna had graciously determined that I would not be locked in for the night in case I needed to go to the toilet.

Frustrated by my recent experience, I was now resigned to many hours on my own in my cage. I can only think of beautiful Mistress. Not only can I never touch her, but I am not permitted to see her more intimate moments. And not worthy to witness her. And of course I was still not permitted to touch myself.

I made my bed, and crawled in.

It was hard, very cramped and very uncomfortable.

I slept fitfully. I woke several times, often with cramp. I was grateful to Mistress when I needed to get out of my cage to go to the toilet.

My dozing was interrupted by the ringing of the bell. Miss Suzanna cheerily shouted “good morning”.

That was my instruction immediately to leave my cage and make Mistress a cup of tea which I took to her room on a silver platter.

While she was drinking that, I returned to the kitchen to make her breakfast which I then carried to her. I was glad to be serving her. That is my role in life.

Miss Suzanna then told me to get ready and leave her. She had appointments for the next several hours and I had to get out until my own appointment at 4 in the afternoon.

Miss Suzanna did not trouble herself that outside it was cold and wet. I was in the way, and had to go.

I went.

To be continued………


January 31/February 1 2017