I was out for several hours, wondering how Miss Suzanna was doing at the Dungeon, and eagerly awaiting my own session.

Lucky subs to be receiving whatever at Mistress’ hands. How I longed it was me being beaten, being teased and being denied.

As 4.00 approached, I was in a local cafe constantly looking at my phone for the call or text saying Mistress was ready for my return.

At last, I got a message and I hurried with eager anticipation to the Dungeon Suite.

Miss Suzanna let me in, and immediately ordered me into the changing room, telling me to strip and wait for her. That means wait on my knees until she comes for me.

I was excited and nervous. Miss Suzanna had promised that I would be getting new treatment today for the first time. This was because Hoxton is a particularly well equipped Dungeon, and she could indulge herself. I didn’t know what it would be. I was nervous, but I always trust Mistress. She has total control over me, but she will never harm me.

I heard Mistress coming for me. I prostrated myself on the floor, hands outstretched palms upwards, eyes, of course, down. There was no speaking. I saw a leather boot on the floor near me. That was my signal to kiss it and pay homage to Mistress. I kiss it in my own pathetic way like I would kiss a woman. Of course I am not allowed to kiss any woman. Mistress’ footwear is my limit.

After I have kissed all round that boot, it disappears. Another boot appears. I embrace it in the same manner.

Miss Suzanna must have been satisfied. The second boot disappeared. Mistress said “follow me”. The etiquette is to crawl on hands and knees. I followed Mistress into the dimly-lit Dungeon.

Miss Suzanna ordered me onto the kneeling stool. She fastened the straps on my ankles, thighs, body and wrists.

I know I am going to be beaten. I can’t say I enjoy it, but it is what as Miss Suzanna’s slave I have to do. I know she gets pleasure from inflicting pain on my body and I therefore willingly obey.

She uses paddle and cane on my bottom and thighs. As usual, I have to count each blow. I shut my eyes and attempt to absorb the pain. After 10 and 20, Miss Suzanna pauses, and caresses the marks and bruises from her blows. She loves to admire her handiwork, and I am content that she gets satisfaction from using my body.

At 31, her favourite number, she thankfully halts.

But I am not yet released. Miss Suzanna, after admiring and caressing the marks and bruises she has inflicted on my body, has not finished with my helpless body. She scratches me with her elegant long nails and then applies a pin wheel to me. What excruciating pain! And how delightful to serve Mistress in this way.

She then pauses, but does not untie me from the kneeling stool.

She needs me to be held tight by the straps for the next stage of my treatment.

I felt a stinging in my back. And then another. I realised that for the first time, I am going to have needles inserted into my skin.

One after another they are inserted. At first I thought Miss Suzanna was probably inserting the needles one by one down my back. But then I realised from the curving of the pain, that she was drawing a large “S” on my back.

After a while, she stopped. She had run out of her first batch of needles. She then got some more, and continued till she had finished. She took a photograph of her artistry, which she later posted on Twitter. I was glad to be used by Mistress. I am delighted She chooses to use Her property. She can take whatever She wishes. It is not for me to allow Her or give myself to Her. She takes what is Hers.

She said I had been “a good boy”. I feel so pleased. I constantly seek Mistress’ approval.


February 1 2017