Miss Suzanna now moved on from corporal punishment and needles to using me anally. My Mistress delights in penetrating my holes, and now she takes my arse hole. First with her finger; then with a dildo and finally with an inflatable butt plug. I love it when she takes me this way. I of course will never penetrate Mistress, but it is very symbolic of our Domme/sub relationship when she penetrates any of my holes.

After having opened me up more and more, Miss Suzanna unties me from the kneeling steel. I am immediately told to go on my knees.

I now realise that I am going to receive my 2nd new treatment of the session. This time it is a fucking machine.

I moan at the thought of this electric device penetrating me. But for Mistress I will do anything.

She lines up my arsehole and cock. She kindly lubes me up. And then it starts. In and out of my arsehole.

It is Mistress’ right to use me as she wishes and it is my duty to obey and submit to whatever she wants.

I submit.

I know I am pathetic in most things I do, but Miss Suzanna knows I try. After I have been fucked for a few minutes, she stops the machine and says those words that ring so happily in my ears – “good boy”.

Miss Suzanna now said it was time for me to be allowed some pleasure. She orders me to lie on my back on the bed.

Before pleasure there has to be more pain.

Miss Suzanna does what alas she very rarely does. She touches my cock. But it is to put electrodes on it. Something that she delights in. I am of course pleased that she touches it however briefly.

Her delight continues as she turns on the e-stim and she laughs at my contortions. My pleasure is as ever being used by Mistress to give her pleasure.

She then uses an electric pin wheel on my defenceless cock.

This is what my cock is for. To be tormented by Miss Suzanna.

But then it is time for me to have some pleasure at my Mistress’ hands. She gets the Venus 2000 and attaches it to my cock.

Thank you, kind Mistress! Such delight as she moves the Venus 2000 on my cock. After weeks of being ordered to edge myself but forbidden to come, this is beautiful. The suction on me is wonderful. Thank you, Mistress. First Miss Suzanna uses it on me. Then I am ordered to hold it. It is wonderful. For Miss Suzanna to be so close. And Mistress gives me permission to come. Orders me to come. But now I fail Mistress. I can’t come.

Miss Suzanna always tells me I am useless and pathetic, and now when ordered to come for her, I fail her.

Miss Suzanna is not pleased. I am ordered to stop using the Venus 2000.

Now I must be punished.

Miss Suzanna still has some needles unused. She now punishes my useless cock. She holds the pathetic organ and proceeds to stick a needle in my cock head. The thought of it was worse than the pain of it. But then a second needle and a third add to the pain and punishment. 6 in my useless cock and then 2 in my worthless balls. I am a hopeless failure and deserve to be punished by Mistress.

With punishment and failure in my ears, the session is now over.

Miss Suzanna had done a lot. I am always glad to be of service to Mistress. She is creative, and my purpose is to be used as an instrument for her to play with.

I am grateful if I can give her pleasure.

Thank you, wonderful Mistress.


February 1 2017