Always excitement and an honour to visit Miss Suzanna at Her Chambers.

But this time She informed me that during my planned appointment She had an hour’s appointment with another client. For that hour, I should be a good boy and sit quietly in another room.

Whatever Miss Suzanna says goes, and i must accept without objection.


When the time came, Miss Suzanna said it was time for me to leave the dungeon. She told me i should remain naked and follow Her on my hands and knees. W/we entered a small adjacent room. She ordered me to sit down on a wooden chair. She then tied my feet together and tied my left hand to the chair and then put a blindfold on me.

i knew She wouldn’t want me to interrupt Her and Her client, but i would never have done. But there i was tied up, helpless and not able to see. She told me not to speak again until She gave me permission to do so.

Her final words to me were that with my single free hand i should masturbate and continue to masturbate until She ordered me to stop. And on no account must i come! Her orders must always be obeyed.

And She left me. Alone and helpless. Unseeing. And constantly wanking,.i had not been permitted an orgasm for a week, and now i could masturbate, but was forbidden to come.

Not seeing, but my ears were straining to hear Mistress greet Her new client.

i knew there were no other Mistresses working in the building this afternoon, and the only people would be Miss Suzanna, Her client and me.

But the only sound i could hear was the pitter patter of heavy rain against the window. I strained my ears, expecting to hear Mistress’ voice greeting the client, but i could hear nothing other than the rain.

i continued to wank. i had only my thoughts to keep me company. Naturally, i thought of Mistress. She owns me and controls me. I adore Her and worship Her. Everything i do is for Her. Her happiness and pleasure are all important. i am pathetic and useless. Now i have a purpose. To serve and submit to Miss Suzanna.

i continued to wank and think. i could hear nothing. But slowed down as i got more excited, thinking of Mistress. Thinking how She uses me and controls me. It is only with Her permission that i can touch myself, and She determines if and when and how I can come.


my ears strained. Still nothing. Had he arrived? Did he exist? Had Mistress just put me in this room as a different form of torture? Was he late? If so, the hour might become an hour and a half? Would i survive?

What if i came? i knew Miss Suzanna would not be pleased if She was not obeyed.


And then i heard a noise. The clip clop of heals. 2 pairs of heals! What the fuck! Then I realised it must be Mistress and Her submissive sissy. And then a voice. A male voice. The voice of a submissive male. “Please, Miss, give me Your cock”. And then Miss Suzanna’s laugh. Her evil laugh when She is about to hurt or punish or humiliate Her submissive.

i could imagine. Mistress fully clothed wearing a strap on. And a naked male in heals bent over receiving Her thrusts. he was so lucky. To be penetrated by Miss Suzanna. i beat my own pathetic cock furiously. Mistress’ cock is so much more impressive than my excuse for a cock. Longer, fatter. And She knows how to use it.

i heard whimpering. A mere male being dominated by his wonderful Mistress. This is the way it should be. i slowed down, fearful that i was getting too close to coming.

The door to my little room was opening. Was it Miss Suzanna checking on me? I resumed beating my cock. Was She showing me to the submissive? i wasn’t keen on that. But if that is what Mistress wants it is Her right and i must accept. i beat my pathetic cock.

The door closes. The clip clop of the 2 pairs of heals is moving away.


Silence again. i carried on touching my cock. Another submissive was having the pleasure of being used and humiliated by my wonderful

Mistress. i was alone. With my thoughts and my useless cock.


i heard the nearby toilet flush. my door opened. Miss Suzanna was speaking to me. “Open your mouth”. i was surprised at the instruction, but of course immediately obeyed. “Drink it all down”. And She laughed that evil laugh. I took the liquid in my mouth and swallowed. Another sip, and swallowed. It must be Mistress’ champagne. What an unexpected honour. Unless it was from the male submissive!! Banish that thought!! It was from Miss Suzanna. “Good boy”, She said. And then left me.


I was again alone. Alone with the taste of Miss Suzanna’s champagne in my mouth. i was still beating my cock.


Finally, Miss Suzanna opened the door. She purposefully untied me and removed the blindfold.

“How long do you think it was”, She asked. i said perhaps a little less than an hour. She said it had been an hour and a quarter.

She said “Carry on. You can now come”. O, gracious Mistress. She is so kind and generous to allow Her slave to orgasm. Thank You, Miss.

She tells me i’m useless and pathetic; my cock is the tiniest She has ever seen. i know that. She tells me that She will never permit me to have sex with a woman. But with men, that would be different. my mouth would be used to suck cocks. Cocks that would be permitted to come over my face and into my mouth.

i come! Thank You, Miss Suzanna




Oct 18 2017